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Aiko's [One Page] Lugbara Dictionary
What is Forest in Lugbara?
Translate English to Lugbara! #MakeMachinesLearnLugbara! Like the Chinese, Burmese, Thai, indigenous Mexican, Norwegian plus West African languages, etc, Lugbara is also based on Tones; some words when pronounced differently mean something else eg ti can mean cow, language, mouth, lip, the sound of dripping liquid; to drop a liquid (eg ointment), deliver (bear, give birth), sign, press (eg a button), pick (eg fruit from tree), dress smartly, tie (thatch, fasten) strangle (hang) yourself or in vain (delayed). The word for head, get warm or hotter and hand is spelt dri while to read and to lie down (sleep) is la but pronounced differently. Meanwhile others are the same sound depending on context eg to beat with a stick and draw pictures is [o]gba. Some words are said threeways like valley = a'bu, e'bu and i'bu or twoways like fish = e'bi and i'bi. As for English [Mundu ti], it has some words with the same sound but different spellings eg bone and born; borough and borrow; con matches with cone and corn; pawn with porn; read with reed plus rid; sheep with ship; sight with site; son with sun; etc. What is internet in Lugbara? Indaneti. What is computer in Lugbara? Kompota, Komputa or Kompuuta. What is subcounty in Lugbara? Jo ago (also Gombolola). Can you translate sorghum to Lugbara? Ondu. How do you say website in Lugbara? Webusaiti. Translate video to Lugbara! Vidio. What does ongulumu mean in Lugbara? Organisation. Learn Lugbara by reading! Below is a free electronic Lugbara Dictionary [edited by Aiko +256(712)356257]; it's not as cumbersomely fast as Google Translate but can be accessed more remotely than paperback. The brackets () show Parts of Speech and alternative Words while the second set [] stand for the Change in Pronunciation. From personal observation as a Side B Lugbara (born and raised outside Lugbaraland), some words are repeated to create a new word eg munimuni = soft. Letter C in Lugbara is always pronounced "ch" like in church even when written without H! The majority of Lugbara words have less than seven letters. Sometimes at the end of a word, you can do without repetition of the vowels a & i, the other three are okay because they have distinct tones when repeated but: -taa might mean "in -ta" [eg leta-a = in love, instead of letaa-a]/ -ii might mean "-i the one" [eg andri-i = the mother, instead of andrii-i] just like favour v favor, program v programme, realise v realize; make a choice!; consonants are rarely repeated! In Lugbarati, the sound nv is written mv eg Mvara. Adding -ru to any noun or adverb means "like the word before" and is usually used for female given names for instance badaru translated from Lugbara means "like anyhow" or "orderless". When expressing past tense, you can use ra or 'bo after the verb eg eve ra (burnt); eve 'bo (has burnt). Adding -ko or -yo means "without" eg maliko = without wealth, 'bayo = without people; adding -si to a noun means "with" eg letasi = with love while adding -ku to a verb means "doesn't" eg asiku = doesn't care. Adding -ta (same as -taa though I regulate such words here) and -za to some verbs makes them nouns and there are so many formed like that eg otuta = arrangement (also otutaa) and otuza = arrangement; adding -jo means "house of" eg arojo = drugshop or hospital; adding -zu to a verb means "for" eg edrizu = for sending whereas adding -a to a noun means "in" or "at" eg aru-a = in prison. I'm only human and apologise in advance if there are any translation mistakes on this page...

a (n) stomach, belly; [(prep, suffix) in, at, to; (pron) I, we] eg A ga si = I have refused
a a (adj) not true, not at all, no
a'balao (n) dove (also a'buo)
a'bi (n) grandfather, ancestors; [destiny (also a'bii, pari asizuri)] eg Ma a'bi dra 'bo. = My grandfather died already.
a'bi'ba (n) ancestral ghost spirits
a'bu (n) valley (also e'bu & i'bu)
a'bua (n) banana, plantain eg Munguleni sa a'bua Osu-a. = Munguleni planted bananas in Osu.
a'da (n) truth eg Aki nze a'da. = Aki spoke the truth.
a'danga (n) criticism
a'di (n) war, battle, fight; [(v) cook] eg Mi a'di mani mutere! = Cook for me mutere!
a'di-i? (pron) who? (also a'di?) eg A'di kini 'ba odra ni? = Who said we should die?
a'diko (n) riddle eg A'diko ti si: Baka fi ni, nyondo ni ti ma mulokoni. = According to the language of riddles: A rope is offals, a hammer is a cow's hoof.
a'diza (n) cooked, boiled
a'dukule (adj, adv) alone (also a'dule)
a'dungare? (adv) when? eg YESU ni imvi a'dungare? = When is JESUS returning?
a'duni? (adj, adv, pron) what? 
a'dusi? (adv) why?
a'ya (n) envy, jealousy
a'yoroo (n) squirrel (also a'yaro)
Emblem of Toro Kingdom
aa (v) stay, reside (also oa) eg Toro Suru ma Opi ni aa Fort Portal-a. = Toro Kingdom's King stays in Fort Portal.
aba (adj) many, (v) stray
ababa (n) madness, craziness
abala (n) competition, betting eg 'Ba ode le abala. = Youth love betting.
abebe (n) dumb person
Abedju-Azaki (n) Lugbara dialect in DR Congo
abefe (n) bridge
Abi Farm (n) agricultural centre on Rhino Camp Road after Ombaci
abiri (n) hunger, famine, suffering
abo (v) bark eg Ocogo ni abo. = A dog barks.
aboloto (n) obese, fat person
abudira (n) catapult, Y-shaped slingshot for hitting birds with stones (also abidira) eg Charlia ni aria ogbi abudira si. = Charles shoots birds with a catapult.
abuza (adj) fat, obese (also mere mere)
acalaka (n) basket
ace (v) remain, tear
acepiri (n) remainder
aceta (n) remaining (also aceza)
aci (n) fire, electricity; [journey, trip, safari; (v) crush with teeth] eg Etu ni aci ede. = The sun creates (solar) electricity.
Aci Engine (n) power plant in Osu Village run by WENRECo (West Nile Rural Electrification Company) since the early 2000s supplying electricity to Arua Town before the anticipated Nyagak Dams were finally switched on
acia (adj) in fire; [(adv) on a journey]
aciaci (adj) hot
acife (n) witchcraft, practice of magic, use of spells, invocation of spirits, necromancy, sorcery, shamanism, possession, occult, divination, rituals, incantation (also enata, jadu, ondrita)
aco (n) hoe (also e'bu); [fight, battle, break eg eggs, become lame]
Acoli (n) Luo tribe east of Lugbara, Acholi
Acoliti (n) Acholi language
acoza (n) lameness (also acota)
ada (adj) true (also adaada, tandi); [(v) pour]
Adada (n) rock, hill in Tara
Adalafu (n) village near Arua City separated from Jiako by a river
adaza (adj) feeble, malnourished; [(n) chaff]
adi (n) legend, bon fire eg during E'yo o'beza; (v) abandon, desert; choke
adisi (n) humour, comedy, fun talk (also adu, andru) eg adisi gba = fun talking
Adjumani (n) district east of Moyo across the Albert Nile (also East Moyo)
ADLG (abbr) Arua District Local Government
adreni (phr v) is not, (plu. adrekini) eg Iwa adreni muke ku 'ba andrale eli 80 pini. = Alcohol is not good for persons under the age of 80.
adri (n) brother (also adrii), means rock in Hindi
adriza (n) behaviour
adra (n) fetish (also uri, yakani), violence, anger
ADROA (n) the Creator; sky GOD in Lugbara mythology appears in both good and evil aspects though a single Deity, appeared on earth as a very tall white man near death with only one half of the body, missing one eye, one leg, etc; Divine Absolute Spirit, his children were adroanzi (also ADRO, ADROO, ADROU) eg ADROA 'ba o'bapiri = GOD who created people
adroanzi (n) children of ADROA; nature gods of specific rivers, trees and other sacred wild areas, protect people but can also kill and eat them, sometimes known as water snakes
adrogo (n) idol, false god eg Muhammad nze adrogo karakara Kaba ma ageia Mecca-a. = Muhammad removed many idols near the Kaaba in Mecca.
adromva (n) nephew, niece
adropi (n) paternal uncle eg Kefa ni ma adropi. = Kefa is my paternal uncle.
adroyi (n) maternal uncle eg Jad ni ma adroyi. = Jad is my maternal uncle.
adu (pre-determiner, pron) what eg Adu ei Mande be ni? = What happened to Monday?
adui (n) rebel, enemy eg Achan ni adui. = Achan is a rebel.
adungu (n) multi-stringed and bow-arched wooden instrument that is usually covered with animal hide at the base and made in various sizes, the smaller ones are handheld while the bigger ones rest on the ground or floor for easy play
afa (n) property, riches, wealth, thing
afa azi (n) something (also pronounced afazi)
afa feza (n) thanksgiving
afa ofuza (n) production
afazu (n) utensils, container (also afajo)
afi (v) burst eg Mupira afi. = The tyre burst.
afimaniru (adj) selfish, self-centred
Afrika (n) Africa eg Wakabi ni aa Afrika-a. = Wakabi stays in Africa.
afu (v) compete, break something fragile; (n) pride; [fight]
afu 'ba (phr v) put on airs
afuru (v) proud eg Baganda ki afuru eyi ma suru si. = Baganda are proud of their culture.
aga (adv) beyond; [(v) pass] eg YESU le ma aga. = JESUS loves me beyond.
agara'ba (n) whiteman (also ogara'ba), sb with axe 
agata (n) passing, exceeding; [refusal to do sth when asked]
agati (n) chest
agaza (n) victory, triumph, success (also ndeza)
agba (v) hit, split rocks
agaza (n) victory, triumph, success (also ndeza)
agbatara (n) debate, discussion eg Noel ni agbatara gba. = Noel is debating.
ageia (n) in sb or sth's proximity
ageini (n) the neighbouring area (also ageyini)
agele (n) penis (also rua agupini, anja)
ageyi te (v) take care, wait on, watch over sb or sth
ageyitema (n) watch, watchfulness, security (also ageyiteza)
agi (n) friend (also agyi, alipi) eg Abu Bakr ni andra Muhammad ma agi. = Abu Bakr was Muhammad's friend.
ago (n) male animal, husband, boyfriend; [pumpkin] (totem for Logiri)
agobi (n) pumpkin leaves eg Aparaka ma tibi agobi. = Carelessness feeds on pumpkin leaves. [Lugbara Proverb]
Agofe Jason Avutia
agofe (n) pillar, post, in charge, elected Leader of all the Lugbara Clans eg Jason Avutia ni Lugbara Kari ma Agofe okori. = Jason Avutia is Lugbara Kari's first Agofe.
agolirua (n) evening star
agopa (n) pumpkin stem
agrikeca (n) agriculture (also azi amvu ni, amvu 'yaza)
agu (n) person; [(v) bend (also avu)]
agu a'di 'dipi driwala ijizu (n) freedom fighter
agu aci osupi (n) electrician
agu angu onepi (n) tourist
agu azoru (n) patient
agu 'ba ni oni tu (n) famous person/ people, celebrity
agu e'bi okupi (n) fisherman
agu e'yo dapiri (n) moderator, presenter (also agu odapiri)
agu motoka onzupi (n) driver (also dere'ba, dereva)
agupi (n) male, husband, man; [men] eg Jonathan ni Anita ma agupi. = Jonathan is Anita's husband.
agupia (adv) married (for women)
agwara (n) dance by the Lugbara and Kebu
ai (n) salt; [(v) trap with rope or string, get caught, accept, welcome, respond, admit, affirm, pray; ask] (archaic a'i) eg Reuben ni mu MUNGU ai Dominion Theatre-a. = Reuben is going to pray to GOD at the Dominion Theatre.
ais (n) ice (also yi ombapi, yi ombaza)
ais krim (n) ice cream eg Agu ais krim ozipiri ni mi te! = The ice cream seller is waiting for you!
aise (n) grass
aise geri (n) anus (also ezele, ojuu)
aisru (adj) frozen
aisu (n) sauce
aita (n) faith (sometimes aitaa though might mean sth else)
aitipa (n) sun-wivered salty leaves burnt to create salt 
aizu (v) beseech
Ajai (n) game reserve towards eastern Arua on Rhino Camp Road, used to be famous for the endangered white rhino
Ajara (n) suburb in Ayivu north of Manibe on Koboko Highway, church near Omi
aje (n) buying, cost, price; [traditional marriage, give away, kwanjula] eg Patience ma aje andru. = Patience's giveaway (kwanjula) is today.
aje koko (adj) free eg buku aje koko = free book
aje manyaka (n) small price (also o'boloko aje)
ajee (adv) yesterday
aji (n) taste, flavour, blessing (drileba), luck eg Harriet ni aji ru. = Harriet is blessed.
ajiko (n) pot for preparing millet flour; [tastelessness (also ajiyo)]
Ajikoro (n) place in Maracha
ajira (n) beans with skin removed and mixed with groundnut paste plus mundrokole greens (also loperete)
Ajira (n) marketplace in Tara
aju (n) spear; [(v) insult using obscene words]
Ajua (n) great grandfather of the seven true Tara parishes in Maracha named after his seven grandchildren through Opodria (whose mother was given to him in Onduparaka) then Naye. In Ovisoni during his quest to find the source of Enyau River, Ajua paid brideprice for another wife who gave birth to Otu, the father of Vurra after whom a clan and county are named in western Arua District eg Ajua ni a'bi mba Tara ni woro. = Ajua is the real ancestor for the whole of Tara.
aka (adv) deliberately
akaaka (adj) soft
akanya (n) ass
akaza (v) soft, weak, moulten
akpa (v) combine, add to, mix
akpaakpa (adv) combined, (n) mixture, combination
akpaku (n) chin
aku (n) home; [(v) cover, close usually from above]
aku ambo (n) city, headquarters eg Kristof mu aku ambo Kinshasa-a! = Kristof has gone to Kinshasa City.
akua (adv) at home eg Azi ma vutia, Boyka ni mvi akua. = After work, Boyka goes home.
akufi (n) yeast (also aku fi) eg Mukati 'ba ede akufi si. = Bread is made using yeast.
akuku (n) rainstorm
akumanikuye (n, informal) generosity
ala (adj) clean, neat, smart, good, fine; [(n) paste from groundnuts or simsim; (v) put across] (also odi)
alaka (n) kind of grass used to make fire to catch or collect white ants (also galaka)
alanda (n) bread made from small white ants (also amboroko)
alapapa (n) butterfly
alata (n) health
ale (n) love, liking; [stomach, belly, inside (also aleni)] eg A'duni nga ama awa ale MUNGU ni be ni? = What will separate us from the love of GOD?
ali (prep) far away; (v) pass by, cut [(n) adultery (also ali'baza), crime]
Aliba (n) village in Ayivu County
Alifa azini Omega (n) Alpha & Omega 
alifu (n) thousand
Alikua Pyramid (n) pyramid built in Maracha during the 1920s by Belgians 
alio (n) poverty eg Alio le ma nde. = Poverty wants to defeat me.
alipi (n) friend (also agoyi)
aliria (n) virgin
alitara (n) altar
alu (n) one, singular; [mole, grasscutter; (v) peep]
alu alu (adj) taste; [one by one]
alugbe (n) unhatched egg
aluma (n) curse
Alungaru (n) old woman in Lugbara mythology who helped Oli trace Kibira's spear
Alur (n) Luo tribe south of Lugbara
Aluru (n) Lugbara dialect in DR Congo
aluruga (n) south direction, because of proximity to Alur People (also baria)
Aluruti (n) Alur language
alutukubi (n) creeping greens
aluza (adj) tasty eg Rollex ni aluza. = Rollex chapati is tasty.
ama (pron) we; [(v) assess, judge]
amamu (n) pigeon
amba (adj) old
ambasada (n) ambassador
ambiambi (adj) cold eg Angu ambiambi Kigezi-a! = The place is cold in Kigezi!
Ambo 5 (n) the Big 5 eg Ambo 5 mi isu woro suru were ma-a ekile Uganda; eyi: ewa, odru, obirio, kami azini o'du! = All the Big 5 can be found in few countries like Uganda; they are: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard!
amboo (adj) big (also amboru); (n) master, boss, supervisor, respected person; [stubborness (also drionzi, agadri)]
ambooru (adj) stubborn eg Alio ni ambooru! = Poverty is stubborn!
amboroko (n) flat grassless mass of soil, hard like an anthill
AMC (abbr) Arua Municipal Council
Amerika (n) America, United States eg Awinda ni mu Amerika-a. = Awinda is going to America.
amuroo (n) bride, newly wed (also 'ba mini le jeri)
Amuru (n) district east of Pakwach, formerly part of Gulu
amuti (n) agency
Amuti Kaluluni (n) Electoral Commission eg Ghana ma Amuti Kaluluni - Ghana's Electoral Commission
amve (prep) out, outside, abroad, overseas
amvi (n) sister (also amvii) eg Candiru ni Letasi ma amvi. = Chandiru is Letasi's sister.
amvu (n) garden; [(v) embrace]
amvu 'yaza (n) farming, agriculture (also azi amvu ni, informal agrikeca)
ana (n) weed
ande (n) tiredness, fatigue
andesoma (n) reward (also orodri)
President of Uganda [1971-9]
andraa (adv) sometime ago eg Idi Amin ni andraa Uganda ma Prezident. = Idi Amin was sometime ago President of Uganda.
andrale (n) east direction (also etu ni efuria)
Andrale'ba (n) lowland people, a section of Lugbara, the Lugbara of the East, Easterners
andrapuru (n) aunt
andre (n) tongue (also edre), mother (also andree, andri)
andreli (n) dew
andreti (n) face (also mileti) eg Sally isu coki i-ma andreti-a. = Sally found chalk on her face.
andrii (n) mother; [(v) visit, supervise, check]
andrike (n) witchcraft (also acife, enata)
androndro (n) gossip
andru (adv) today; [(n) humour, abandoned home, deserted place]
Andruvu (n) suburb northeast of Arua City before Manibe and Ombaci
angara (n) flat, bony and salty fish found mainly in Pakwach from the Albert Nile eg Saa azia eca 'bo, anya enyasa angara si. = 12 o' clock has arrived already, we ate staple food with angara fish. [Nursery Rhyme]
angarawa (n) skinless cowpeas or beans, slightly fried or cooked and mixed with groundnut paste [Terego dialect] (also angaraba)
angiri (n) a lot
angu (n) place eg David ni angu we. = David is sweeping the place.
angu biza (n) darkness, night
angu dali (n) low place, valley eg Majid sa maaku angu dali-a. = Majid planted potatoes in a valley.
angu driza (n) heat
angu ezoza (n) development
angu ndriza (n) peace
angu nguru (n) plateau
angu nya (v) enjoy life
angu oneza (n) tourism (maybe also turismo) eg Wekesa ni angu oneza icu. = Wekesa promotes tourism.
angu patiru (n) forest (also oce, obibi)
Angundru (n) great grandfather of the Terego and Andrale'ba
angusara (n) dawn, daybreak
Angusara (n) ancestor in Baria Village, Ojapi Parish, Tara
anibo (n) refugee, foreigner, asylum seeker (also emunyale)
anya (n) millet, cereals
Anyafio (n) suburb in Arua City east of Osu River and near the Arua Golf Course, originally for white colonialists, "anya fi yo" means "no millet seeds"
anyafura (n) flour
anyajo (n) stomach, belly
anyamgbolo (n) corruption, enjoying alone (also anyambolo)
anyapa (n) animal, bride price
anyapa tambaza (n) animal rearing
Anyara (n) community known to be stupid (Wajinga in Swahili)
anyawio (n) Adam's apple
anyi (n) irony, sarcasm
anyoya (n) boiled maize seeds and beans plus fried onions for breakfast or a meal (also called mix in Arua Town, githeri in Kikuyu), staple food of the Japadhola who are Luo like Alur and Kenyans, means "fermented" in Alur and is usually prepared at night to be consumed in the morning
anyu (n) bee, honey; [simsim; (v) switch off] eg 'Ba azi alupi anyu le ni yo! = There is noone as sweet as honey! [Lugbara Proverb]
anyu oso (n) honey syrup (literally honey fats)
anzi (n) children
anzinyiri (n) small children
anzoroko (n) chain
apa (v) run away, escape eg Kunta Kinte apa. = Kunta Kinte escaped.
aparaka (n) carelessness, unseriousness, frivolousness
apata (n) loins
api (v) get satisfied; [(n) white ants collected in the middle of the night around 11pm to midnight (also inia)]
apife (n) role model
apinaka (n) hedgehog
apipi (n) boil (also opipia)
apiza (n) satisfaction
Apurutandi (n) Protestant (also Purukati)
ara (n) python, cover
Arabiti (n) Arabic language
arakala (n) branch eg Crane Bank ma arakala Arua ri andraa Arua Public Primary School mupira pari ma drile-a. = Crane Bank's branch in Arua was sometime back infront of the Arua Public Primary School football field.
aramu (n) fraud (also aramu nyaza)
arau (n) monkey
arci (n) arch
are (v) stuck in the throat, choke
ari (n) blood; [drum; (v) scramble, hurry] eg YESU ma ari ni ama pa ni. = The blood of JESUS saves us.
ari adaza (n) bloodshed
ari coza (n) drumming
ari obiza (n) blood test
ari'bo (n) enemy eg Sitani ni ama ari'bo. = Satan is our enemy.
aria (n) bird eg Aria driori ni obu alari nyani. = The early bird eats the good worm. [Lugbara Proverb]
aria anya (n) rice (also mucele)
arika (n) dysentry
arikari (adj) delicious
Aringa (n) Lugbara clan and dialect, area northeast of Maracha
Ariwara (n) trading town in northeastern DR Congo, means "the blood dried" in Lugbara
aro (n) eight [medicine]
aro azo ogapi (n) vaccine
aro jo (n) drug house, drugshop, pharmacy, health centre, hospital
aroni (n) female (said of animals)
Arseno (n) Arsenal Football Club eg Arseno nde Ulaya ma Cup Winners Cup eli 1970 si. Arsenal won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1970.
aru (n) prison (also aru jo), prisoner, sprain eg Nelson Mandela aa aru-a eli 27. = Nelson Mandela stayed in prison for 27 years.
Arua City
Arua (n) town in northwestern Uganda, second Busiest Airfield in the Republic, 13 km east of the DR Congo borderline, established on 14th June 1914, one of the Best Small Cities in Africa during 2015, ancient Capital of West Nile Province, Business and humanitarian hub for neighbouring countries (Congo/ Sudan and Central African Republic), Idi Amin's hometown, means "in prison", was named after a hill where Belgian colonialists imprisoned people directly southwards from Arua Avenue
Arua Hill (n) hill that inspired the name Arua [because of the Belgian colonial prison (Aru in Lugbara) that used to be on it] found directly southwards from Arua Avenue; city division, subcounty in Arua District - others include Adumi, Ajia, Arivu, Aroi, Dadamu, Logiri, Manibe, Offaka, Ogoko, Okollo, Oli River, Oluko, Pajulu, Rhino Camp, Rigbo, Uleppi and Vurra
Arua Lugbara (n) most used Lugbara dialect (also High Lugbara, Lugbarati, Lubarati, Logbara)
ARUDIFA (abbr) Arua District Farmers Association
arumadri (n) policewoman eg Jenny ni arumadri. = Jenny is a policewoman.
arusu (n) bride (also amuroo, mugole)
Asa (n) river in the valley north of Muni University, at the end of Barifa Forest
"Just sit in the Grass and enjoy the Peace and Roads..."
ase (n) eel, grass, bush
asi (n) heart; [end; tear]
asi omiza (n) counselling
asi'baza (n) hope
asi'duza (n) forgetting
asianzu (n) peace, mercy
asiliza (n) stomach pain
asindriza (n) mercy
asionzi (n) malice (also malaja) eg Asionzi adreni muke ku. = Malice is not good.
asiotiza (n) worry
asisile (n) reason, purpose, interest, company mission
asiteza (n) patience, tolerance, endurance
asiza (n) ending eg Asiza eca ra! = The End has arrived.
askari (n) soldier eg Buga ni askari UPDF-a. = Buga is a soldier in the UPDF.
asoso (n) gifts (also feta, fetaa)
atalau (n) reverend, clergy (also atalo)
Atamva (n) Mister, Mr., used to address a man you do not know
Ataza (n) Miss, Ms. eg Ataza Kawino = Miss Kawino
ati (v) support, cure, heal
ati'ba (n) supporter
ati'boo (n) servant
atiati (adj) drunk
atii (n) father
atri (v) stop, block
atu (v) kick; [squat]
atuluku (n) fireplace
au (n) chicken
auaroni (n) hen (also auandri)
auata (n) cock (also auago) (totem for Adjumani Madi Clan)
augbe (n) chicken egg
ava (n) breath, fondness, interest eg Mi ava fu ma! = Your interest killed me/ I missed you!
ava efi (n) manure, fertiliser
ava liza isupira (adj) retired eg Imbapi ava liza isupira = Retired teacher
avata (n) avatar
avi (v) get lost; [play] eg Mva avi Odramacako-a Krismas si. = A child got lost in Odramacako during Christmas.
avita (n) play, drama, game
avivi (n) flavour, odour, stench
avizaru (adj) lost
avu (n) deadbody; (v) bend; [drown]
awa (v) quarrel; [divide, share]
awa'difo (n) thanks, thank you (also awania, used in Moyo)
awi (n) heritage; [(v) remain] eg McAllister ma mva asizuri awi akua a'dule. = McAllister's last child stayed home alone.
Awindiri (n) suburb on Nebbi Highway south of Arua City immediately after Sambya
awoko (n) anger
awoko fefe (adj) offensive
awu (n) cry, pity, sorrow; [(v) peel off skin, burn outer part quickly] eg Lazaro ka andraa e'yo eri ra fo, ta 'di we 'do, awu azi ta 'do yo. = If Lazarus had sometime ago listened to advice, then, there wouldn't be any cry here.
awuzi (n) widow
awuzio (n) widower
aya (n) copper coins, money payment, iron, metal, wire; [shake, tremble, frighten]
ayi (n) wet season
Ayi (n) river in Maracha
ayia (n) mother; [wilderness; west direction, because it was believed that the west was a wilderness with few people and unknown things (also etu ni deria, orule)] eg Ayia ma ndu yo! = There is no other mother! [Lugbara Proverb]
ayiko (n) happiness eg Ayiko ni ma fu! = Happiness is killing me/ I'm happy!
Ayiko (n) male given name (also Aiko, rarely Aiiko, direct opposite of C[h]andi)
ayikoru (adj) happy eg Ocokoru ni ayikoru! = Ocokoru is happy!
Ayikoru (n) female given name (direct opposite of C[h]andiru)
ayiru (adj) jocular
Ayivu (n) Lugbara clan, land in which Arua Town sits, county next to the Municipality in Arua District
ayota (n) rule, regulation, policy, terms, conditions (also azita) eg Ayota azini azita ma so pa eyi ma pari-a! = Rules and regulations should stand in their place!/ Terms and conditions apply! [fig.]
ayu (v) loosen, untie; [use; (n) yam (also gurunya, likinya)]
azakoma (n) help
azakoza (n) faeces, excrement, (rarely) help
azi (n) work; [(v) announce, say goodbye, woo] eg Gadfix Ruakoa ni azi nga UBC Radio-a saa aro etusi. = Gadfix Ruakoa works at UBC Radio at 2pm.
azi amvu ni (n) agriculture, farming (also amvu 'yaza, informal agrikeca)
azi carani sozuri (n) tailoring (also carani sota, carani soza)
Azi mi ava amboru si! (phr) I greet you with huge interest!/ (fig) You are most welcome!
azi'ba (n) worker(s), personnel
azia (adv) (n) six eg Agupi azia! = Six men! (shouldn't be confused with Agupi azi-a! = Men at work!)
azibe (adj) busy
azini (adj) another, (conj) and
aziri (adj) the other; [(n) seven]
azita (n) rule, regulation, policy (also ayota)
azitani (adj) legal
azo (n) pain, sickness
Azo ondrindria niri (n) AIDS (also Silimu)
azu (v) block

'B'b [sounds like gb] & Bb
'ba (n) human, people; [(v) put]
'ba 'ba papiri (n) saviour
'ba 'bani oni tu (n) celebrity 
'Ba 'bea (n) people of the northern mountains, a section of Lugbara
'ba azaza (n) lunatic
'ba aciza (n) wanderer
'Ba ayia (n) western people, a section of Lugbara
'ba e'yo liba (n) court
'ba e'yo ondripi (n) prophet
'ba imbale (n) disciples
'ba kabilo ocepi (n) shepherd
'ba kalulu 'bepi (n) voter (also agu kalulu 'bepi)
'ba kalulu 'beba (n) voters
'ba matiba (n) my parents
'ba mitiba (n) your parents
'ba mupira bipi (n) goalkeeper
'ba mva ma ta mbapi(ri) (n) guardian (plu. 'ba anzi ma ta mbaba)
'ba ode (n) youth (also yuthu, karile, ezoanzi)
'ba onduaru diyi (n) wise men from the East, magi, three kings from the Orient
'ba opele (n) chosen, elected people
'ba rua acobe (n) person with disability
'Ba YEHOVA ma E'yo eti nzepi (n) JEHOVAH's witness (plu. 'Ba YEHOVA ma E'yo eti nzepi 'diyi) 
'baako (n) loneliness, destitution
'bakalafe (n) population
'bako (n) without people
'bakoko (adj) lonely
'bata (n) placement
'be (n) mountain, hill, rock; [(v) throw]
'be wereari (n) hill
'be ambori (n) mountain
'bea (n) north direction, because the northern part of Lugbaraland is full of big hills
'bi (v) taste
'bi'bia (n) bat; [umbrella]
'bi'bio (n) star
'biko (n) feather, body hair
'bile (n) hole
'bo (adv) already eg Sakaru ma pa ja 'bo. = Sakaru's leg healed already.
'bu (n) sky, heavens eg YESU ni 'ba ji 'Bu-a ni. = JESUS is the One who takes people to Heaven.
ba (adj) OK, good, alright, fine; [(n) breast]
baasa (n) envelope
baba (n) father, paps
bada (adj) anyhow
badabada (adv) randomly
badaka (adj) many, plenty, big
baka (n) rope
baka se (phr v) compete
baket (n) bucket
bako (n) basketball, B-Ball eg Stefan Curry ni bako avi. = Stephen Curry plays basketball.
bakule (n) bowl, satellite dish (also bakuli) eg Startimes ma bakule = Startimes satellite dish
balangiti (n) blanket (also blangiti)
balb (n) bulb eg Balb ni di aci si. = A bulb shines because of electricity.
balibali (adj, adv) aimlessly, confused, madly (also badaru, sakaru) eg Elijah aci balibali. = Elijah walked aimlessly.
bamia (n) okra
bangi (n) marijuana, prohibited weed that is smoked
bangiri (n) jaw
Bangiriyo (n) the first trading centre after River Asa and just before Muni University
banja (n) loan, debt (also deni, deno)
bari (adj) good, proper
basi (n) bus
baskili (n) bicycle (also gari)
bati (n) corrugated iron or metallic sheet
batri (n) battery eg Timoteo ni batri ozi. = Timothy is selling batteries.
batisimu (n) baptism (also ru biza)
be (prep) with
bendera (n) flag
beseni (n) basin (also bafu)
bi (n) ear; [(v) mud (eg a hut), hold, catch, arrest]
bi edu (n) ear lobe (also bi edo)
biabia (n) earrings, earphones
biasara (n) business
bibi (adj) dark; [(n) lollipop]
Bibia (n) place near Osu
Biblia (n) Bible
biko (n) insect wings, fruit cover
bile (n) wound
bile ako (n) refusal to listen
Bileafe (n) subcounty in Terego where the agofe system was tried
bilekoko (n) deaf person
bilendu liza (n) warning
biringanya (n) eggplant
birisi (n) mat (also mukeka)
biskiti (n) biscuit (also biskit)
bitkoin (n) bitcoin eg Nakamoto ni bitkoin ayu. = Nakamoto uses bitcoin.
bizua (n) small basket container with handle for carrying bean and millet seedlings
boda (n) boda boda rider
bogoya (n) bananas eg Bogoya ni 'bo! = The bananas have ripened.
bokora (n) banana-like fruit but sometimes bigger eg Jeff ni bokora sa. = Jeff is planting bokora.
boks (n) box
bolo bara (n) type of wood
bonga (n) fist greeting, (v) make a fist to meet another person's fist
bongo (n) cloth
boroko (n) hut, temporary house
borondua (n) rebel (also adui)
breki (n) brake eg Nyaku ma breki ce-i ra. = Earth's brake got torn. (fig)
briki (n) brick
briki 'be (v) lay bricks
brocua (n) brochure eg Asiimwe ni brocua ide. = Asiimwe is making a brochure.
bua (adj, adv, prep) up
Bua (n) male given name
budu budu (adj) foamy eg soap, gigantic
buku (n) book eg "Ezati pi Candiru Be Azini Agipi" ni buku 'bani Lugbarati imbazu eli alusi azini irisi. = "Ezati pi Candiru Be Azini Agipi" is a book used to teach Lugbara language in Year 1 and 2 (P1 and P2).
bunia (n) fist, boxing sport
burusu (n) tree beans
bushera (n) fermented non-alcoholic cereal (usually millet) drink originally from Western Uganda
busu (n) cat (also bura) eg Busu ni au nyiri nya sa dria. = A cat eats little chicken all the time.

Cc [always pronounced "ch" as in church]
ca (v) reach
ca'bo (adj) enough
caca (adj) woven, plaited, knitted
cai (n) tea leaves
cali (n) person, lad, Charlie
calo (n) village
candi (n) suffering, trouble, sorrow, pity, danger
cano (n) channel eg GOtv ma cano daktari pini ci? = Does GOtv have a channel for doctors?
capirisi (adj) just enough
carani (n) sewing machine
ceni (pron, adj) by her/ himself/ itself, automatic (also isi)
cere (n) yell
Chaina (n) China eg Namuganza ni mu Chaina-a. = Namuganza is going to China.
ci (adj) present, there is; [(v) bite]
Cilio (n) village near Mt. Wati, Teeth Can Lost - Part 2
cinyaki (n) sand (also cinya)
cipini (n) chip in soccer (also chipini)
co (v) sneeze, fight, beat
coki (n) chalk
coko (n) bone (also falako)
coko coko (n) bottle crown (also cokolo)
Congo (n) zone in Mvara before Sudan Zone and opposite Zambia Zone, country west of Uganda and neighbouring Arua (also Kongo)
coni ku (phr v) cannot (also econi ku)
coroni (n) latrine (jo were)
coti (adv) at once, immediately
cua (n) weaverbird (also cuwa)
culu (n) mister
cupa (n) bottle
cupa ti (n) bottle lid
curu'do (adv) nowadays
cuu (n) market

'D'd & Dd [silent immediately before j]
'da (adv) there, that; [(v) abuse, insult, fast, lick]
'dale (adv) like that, like it; [that side]
'dani dani (adj) continuous
'de (v) die, fall
'dere (adv) exactly, on the dot eg etu 8 'dere = exactly 2pm
'di (adj) this; [(v) kill, rain]
'dia (adv) here
'dini (adv) like this, correct, true
'do (adv) here
'du (n) millet (also anya); [(v) immerse slightly, pick eg with tongue (also 'doo), belch]
da (v) pour, get away; [(n) smoking pipe] eg Arshad da Curry Powder tibi-a. = Arshad poured Curry Powder in the sauce.
dada (n) dadi, father, nickname given to Amin for his love of women
daka (n) chaff eg of beans, groundnuts, simsim
dakika (n) minute
daku (n) food Muslims eat before sunrise during Ramadan
dali (n) low
dani (adj) free, (adv) maybe, probably, perhaps
dani dani (adv) for ever
dania (n) coriander
de (v) finish; [get old]
debe (n) metallic container usually rectangular
dede (n) grandmother
dedekoa (n) very old woman eg Princess Bagaya ni dedekoa. = Princess Bagaya is a very old woman.
deni (n) debt (also deno, mari)
dere'ba (n) driver (also dereva, agu motoka onzupi)
derisa (n) window
desi (conj) when (also de) eg Irene Manjeri mu 'Bu-a desi eri eli 11. = Irene Manjeri went to Heaven when she was 11 years old.
di (conj) so; [(v) box, punch; bore; shine]
dika (adv) again
dini (n) religion
dinini (adj) religious
dinisa (n) window (also derisa)
dipo (n) depot
disko (n) disco eg Doreen ni mu disko tu. = Doreen is going to dance at the disco.
diza (n) light
do (v) keep quiet, be calm
dodo (n) amaranth greens (also doodo)
dogodogo (n) train, railway eg Wadri ni imu dogodogo si. = Wadri is coming by train.
dokta (n) doctor (also daktari, ojoo) eg Dokta House = Dr. House
dokumentari (n) documentary (also doku)
dori (n) hunting expedition
dra (adj) bitter; [(n) death, (v) die] eg Sitani ma dra ecekoko! = The Devil must die!
Drajini (n) subcounty in Yumbe District
dri (adj) hot, (v) warm, heat; [(n) head (also drifa); hand] eg Ma dri ni ga! = My head is paining!
driavi (n) forgetfulness
driada (n) right hand
driadria (n) gift hampers eg Adomati nde driadria. = Adomati won gift hampers.
driago (n) thumb
drianzi (n, plu of drimva) fingers
dribi (n) hair
Dribidu (n) hairy Lugbara hero ancestor who died on Mt. Wati. His other name was Banyale (Eater of men) because he enjoyed human liver and after being discovered was excommunicated from his earlier home in the East Bank of the Albert Nile
dribiforo (n) gray hair
dricepi (n) leader, commander in inter-clan or inter-tribe aggressions
dricere (n) mentor, guardian, the one who guides you to see and go far, headmaster
driceza (n) management, authority, headship, leadership (also dricezu)
drieji (n) left hand (also drileji)
drigaza (n) headache
drile (adv) ahead
Drile Agrikeca ma e'yo Onepi (n) Chief Agricultural Officer
Drile Suru ocepi (n) Head of State
drileba (n) luck, fortune, blessing
drileji (n) left hand
drileonzi (n) bad luck, misfortune
drimva (n) finger
drinza (n) shame, disgrace
drio (adv) early, long ago, sometime back
driondi (n) dirty hand, (fig. use) poison
drionzi (n) stubbornness
driwala (n) independence, freedom, liberty eg Uganda esu driwala eli 1962. = Uganda got independence in 1962.
dro (v) send away, chase
drozi (adv) the day after tomorrow
drusi (adv) tomorrow
du (v) grow eg grass, set on fire, (n) point eg 88.7 [Kali oromi drini oromi du aziri] Arua One, (sema yote)! = 88.7 [Eighty eight point seven] Arua One, (say it all)!
duani (n) court
Dubai (n) village south of Arua City in Ocoko Parish, Ajia Subcounty inspired by the Dubai in United Arab Emirates
dukani (n) shop (also duka) eg "Mambo Bado" ni Drabo ma dukani. = "Mambo Bado" is Drabo's shop.
duluka (n) "dance" in Nubian language,  a community and tourist attraction where music can even be played on banana stems and considered a Lugbara dance

Ee [shares many words with Ii]
e ka (conj) if, when eg E ka te ise osiza ma nga mi ti-a, mi te saa ezu tu! = If you wait for fried grasshoppers to fly into your mouth, then you wait a very long time!
E li ava asianzu-a! (phr) Rest in peace!, RIP!
e'bi (n) fish (also i'bi) eg E'bi ma dri ka edo ma 'bo, sobi ni nga vini ma ra. = When the head of a fish starts rotting, the tail will also rot. [Lugbara Proverb]
e'bu (n) hoe (also i'bu); [(v) overflow (said of sth cooking)]
e'da (n) picture, diagram, photograph, illustration (also i'da)
e'de (v) fall
e'do (v) start, begin, found eg Mira Nair e'do Maisha Filmlab Kampala-a. = Mira Nair founded Maisha Filmlab in Kampala.
e'du (v) pick (also i'du)
e'yo (n) word, saying, matter, sentence, clause
e'yo 'yoo (v) speak
e'yo alenia 'diyi (n) contents
e'yo bari (n) good news
e'yo drikulukulu (n) headlines
e'yo eceza (n) revelation
e'yo eriza (n) listening (also erita), news especially on broadcast media
e'yo laza (n) news (also e'yo eriza, o'duko) eg E'yo laza: Edison Adiribo kini 'ba ma du amvu ti ku. = News: Edison Adiribo said people must not set garden ends on fire.
e'yo li (v) judge
e'yo lipiri (n) judge (also agu e'yo lipiri)
e'yo liza (n) judgement
e'yo niza (n) knowledge
e'yo nzeza (n) spoken word
e'yo o'beza (n) proverb
e'yo politik ni (n) politics
e'yobuku (n) dictionary
eba (n) buck
ebe'de (n) tea without sugar (also ibe'de)
ebi (adj) fresh, raw, wet; [(v) gum, glue, paste]
ebibi (n) leaves, (also ebiko)
eca (v) arrive (also ica) eg Aci eca 'bo! = Electricity has come (already)!
ecandi (v) mistreat, molest, torture
ece (v) show, explain, demonstrate; [miss, (n) calabash (also erece, zukulu)]
eceta (n) missing; [vision] (also iceta)
ecetaru (pas. part) as an example
ecetasi (adv) for example
eci (v) deceive, delay; [join]
ecikici  (n) cloudy day (also ecici)
eco (adj) can, capable (also ico)
ede (v) clean, make; [belittle, make fun of]
edematararu (adj) contemptuous, pejorative
edezu (v) cleanse, purify, repair
edia (n) chief warden
ediafe (n) pillar, chairperson, leader of the organisation
edio (n) tree with many broad leaves and black seeds (also edo), inspiration for the place name "Ediofe"
Ediofe (n) suburb west of Arua City, location of Ediofe Cathedral
edre (v) straighten
edri (n) life; [(v) send, pass]
edrika (n) mushroom
edro (v) chase away
edroo (n) rat (also idroo, odroo) (totem for Terego Clan)
edu (adj) thick, heavy
ee (adv) yes
efeza (n) gift, present (also asoso)
efi (n) meaning; [(v) smear, apply cream]
efi kaza (n) yield
efifi (n) tablets, pieces
efu (v) come out, rise
ega (v) mend; [remember, think, resurrect]
egaa (n) drinking cup from a gourd-like plant called ireje
ega bere (n) calabash used for alcohol
egata (n) thought, company vision
egaraka (n) crab
egbe (n) sweet; [coldness]
egbere (n) white ants collected in the early morning (4:30-6:00am) for making obangulu 
egbuluku (n) hornbill
eii (n) owner
eja (n) firewood (also ija)
ejasi (n) tree stump
eji (v) bring (also iji), resemble
Ejipiti (n) Egypt (also Ejipto, Ejipito)
eju (n) twin (also iju); [(v) stretch)]
Ejua (n) name given to a twin (also Ejuru, Ejoa, Ejoru)
ejuta (n) raising, prolonging, stretching
eka (adj) red; [(n) sugarcane (also ekaka or ika), (v) help]
Ekarakafe (n) place in Vurra, where the Sultan Isara Memorial Library is located
ekele (n) cough (also okele)
ekile (adj) like
ekilizia (n) church, cathedral
eko stove (n) eco stove that uses volcanic rock for cooking instead of charcoal or firewood, takes two years for the rock to burn out
ekosan coroni (n) ecosan [ecological sanitation] latrine, envirolet 
eku (v) announce, make noise (also iku)
ekuta (n) praise, noise, announcement (also ekuza)
ele (adj) down
elekendre (n) chameleone
Elekitoro Komisoni (n) Electoral Commission
eli (n) lust; [knife, thigh, year, dry season, make fall, tickle] eg Werrason osi Moliambo-a Krismas si eli 1965. = Werrason was born in Moliambo on Christmas Day in the year 1965.
Eli o'di ayikoru! (phr) Happy new year, Bonane!
elifura (n) dust (also erifura and furuku)
elio (n) fig tree
eliriga (n) millipede
emaa (n) owl (also imaa)
emba (n) moon (also mba), net; [teach (also imba)] eg emba yiyiani arobe = treated mosquito net
embapi (n) teacher (also imbapi), coach, manager
embata (n) teaching, education (also imbata, onita)
embu (v) jump
emgbeleke (n) gorilla
emi (pron) you (plu); [(v) push towards]
emu (v) mix, come
emunyale (n) refugee
emve (adj) white, (n) ankle ring
emvu (n) orphan; [pot]
emvua (n) young orphan; [small pot]
ena (v) bewitch
enata (n) witchcraft (also acife)
endiria (n) duicker (also ovaa)
endra (n) meanness, selfishness
endrau (n) selfish person
endri (n) shade
endrilendri (n) shadow
endru (n) vice, assistant
endrundrua (n) leech
enga (v) originate, derive, emerge, come from; [germinate, rise] eg Edwin enga SMACK-a. = Edwin came from SMACK.
engazu (adv) since
engu (v) exalt, praise (also epi)
enya (n) food (also nyaka)
enyakinya (n) poison (also enyataa)
enyasa (n) staple bread from cassava, millet, sorghum or maize flour (also atap, kalo), mush
enyata (n) poison eg 'Ba azi fe Sera ni enyata. = Someone gave Sera poison.
enyati (n) clan, zone, area of residence, constituency
Enyau (n) longest River Nile tributary in Arua flowing northwards from Vurra via Ediofe and pours into the Albert Nile after bending eastwards through northern Ayivu
enyi (n) skin; [(prep) near (also enyia)]
enza (n) laziness; [(v) trouble, mistreat]
enzamatara (n) mistreatment (also enzaza)
enzo (n) lie
enzo'ba (n) liar, deceiver
epi (v) exalt (also engu), praise, put on air, be proud
era (n) granary (also ero), stone; [flow]
era mva (n) peeble
eraka (n) red soil that gets caught on your foot when you step into a pond or edge of a river, mixed with oil or fat and smeared on the body to give a reddish look, used by Congolese too eg Mulato ni i-ma rua tri eraka si. = Mulato smears her body with eraka soil.
ere (v) top up, add, increase; scatter, spread
erece (n) calabash (also co'do, egagbere - Maracha dialect, okele - Madi dialect, okelea, zukulu)
erezaru (adj) scattered
eri (pron) he/ she/ it; [(v) hear, listen)] eg Ludia ni Rose Muhando eri. = Ludia is listening to Rose Muhando.
Eri ma orindi ma li ava asianzu dani dani ri ma-a! (phr) May his/ her soul rest in eternal peace!/ RIP
eri-i (pron) him/ her
erio (n) aerial, antenna
eriti (n) clouds
ero (v) lift a heavy thing
erota (n) heavy lifting
Eru (n) river between Mt. Liru and Wati, drains into Enyau
ese (n) grasshopper; [(v) pull] (also ise)
esele (n) demarcation, border, difference, variant, variation, division in exam results eg Anzi 100 aga ki Esele 1 ma-a. = 100 children passed in Division 1.
esese (n) gum, glue
Esita (name) Esther
eskot (n) accompaniment for e'bede tea such as groundnuts, potatoes, cassava, etc eg Okiror ni eskot nya. = Okiror is eating escort.
esu (n) tendon, muscle; [(v) find, get (also isu)]
etata (n) run off, torrent
etatangule (n) tadpole
eti (n) buttocks; [tamarind]; (prep) bottom; Mount Eti (also Iti or Wati)
eti edo (v) invest, start up a business
eti edoza (n) start-up (investment), beginning
etia (prep) underneath
etiriko (n) snail
etirili (n) cricket (also etiringili)
eto (v) rescue eg YESU, mi eto ma! = JESUS, you rescue me!
etoo (n) hare, rabbit (also otoo)
etota (n) redemption (also etoza)
etra (v) collect, gather
etru (v) come close; [untie]
Sunrise View from Arua Hill: No matter how dark the Night, the Sun will always rise again...
etu (n) sun, borossus tree (also itu, otu)
etu ambo (n) day of celebration, public holiday, Christmas
Etu ambo 'Ba ma kalafe (Wudrikuru-a) isuzu ri (n) World Population Day
etu ni deria (n) west (also ayia, woko etu ni deria)
etu ni efuria (n) east (also andrale, woko etu ni efuria)
etuka (n) sunshine 
etusi (adv) during the day
etusile (n) sunshine
euetere (n) breakfast (also obiti)
eve (v) burn (also ive)
eveza (adj) burnt
evu (n) basket made from sorghum stems or shoots and used for gathering harvests
evua (n) small basket plate
ewa (n) elephant; [difficulty, beer (also iwa), strength] eg Ewa ni fe agupi ki eyi ma oku co. = Alcohol makes men beat their wives.
Ewanga (n) parish according to Ministry of Finance but subcounty according to the Ministry of Local Government, island-like extension on River Enyau which is a tributary of River Nile separated from Moyo by River Foligo, former parish under Rigbo Subcounty and part of Aringa in old maps but now a subcounty on its own, also claimed to be Madiland
Ewapa (n) Elephantiasis
ewaru (adj) difficult (also ewaewa, iwaru, owaowa)
ewasi (n) elephant tusk, ivory
ewe (v) sweep (also iwe)
ewu (n) era, period, season (also mange)
Ewuata (n) suburb south of Arua City and west of Muni near Nebbi Highway
eyi (pron) they, them eg Ocitia ji eyi Malayika-a. = Ocitia took them to Malayika.
eyio (n) crocodile
eza (n) meat; [sin (also ezata, izata), (v) spoil (also iza)]
ezata (n) act that destroys
eze (n) dung, faeces, waste
ezele (n) anus
ezi (v) open; [pray]
ezia (adj) thin
Ezia (n) Asia
ezo (n) girlfriend, fiancee; [warthog, wild pig (also ezoo)]
ezopi (n) daughters
ezu (adj) long, tall; [(v) multiply]
ezuta (n) multiplication (also ezutaa)

fa (v) cut, scrape
fakini (adj, adv) absolutely messed up
fala (n) bone (also falako or coko)
faleko ondriza (n) polio
Fama (n) FM, Frequency Modulation (also FaMa) eg Nile Fama = Nile FM
fara (n) fool, stupid person (also fala, yala)
farasi (n) horse
farisei (n) pharisee
fayilu (n) file, folder
fe (n) tree; [(v) give]
federesoni (n) federation eg FUFA (Federesoni Uganda ma Ongulumu dria Mupira ni) pe Muhammad Shaban Ijagason MVP eli 2016. = FUFA (Federation of Uganda Football Associations) voted Muhammad Shaban Ijagason as MVP in the year 2016.
federo (n) federal state, federalism
feki (n) fake
fene (n) jackfruit eg Mugisha ni fene li. = Mugisha is cutting jackfruit.
fesibuku (n) facebook eg Andeku ni fesibuku-a ci. = Andeku is available on facebook.
feta (n) gift, present (also feza)
fi (n) cold (also fita or fiza), intestine, offals; [(v) enter]
fifi (adj) cold
filimu (n) film (also sinema) eg Joel Okuyo Atiku Prynce avi Wycliffe-i filimu Battle of the Souls-a. = Joel Okuyo Atiku Prynce plays Wycliffe in the film Battle of the Souls.
filimu e'yo adaniri (n) documentary (also dokumentari, doku)
firindi (n) whistle (also firimbi)
fita (n) entrance
flask (n) flask
fo (v) itch
fonje fonje (n) soft
formu (n) form, online application eg Fatuma ni ima formu ofi. = Fatuma is filling in her form.
foro (adj) gray (also foroforo or foroto); [tilapia]
foto (n) photo (also i'da)
fotokopi (n) photocopy eg Moses gba fotokopi Makutano Junction vu. = Moses made a photocopy near Makutano Junction.
Frenji (n) French (also Frenzi)
fu (n) flower, (v) go out; [fight, kill]
fulani (n) vest
fundi (n) builder eg Nyero ni fundi. = Nyero is a builder.
fungua (n) key
funo (n) groundnut(s) (also funyo)
funyu (n) bits, fragments (also funyu funyu)
fura (n) flour
futa (n) fight
furufuru (n) lung eg Furufuru si 'ba ava se. = Lungs are for breathing.
fuza (n) getting out

Gg [is silent before b]
ga (adj) full (also ga tre), (v) ache eg head, chop eg tree, cut, dig; [crawl, refuse] eg YESU ga mi ku! = JESUS does not reject you!
gaa (adj) small, little (also gakandia or gakanya)
gaagaa (n) crow
gadi gadi (n) wheelbarrow like the wooden one used to ferry groceries for sale
gala'ba (n) snake, cobra eg Gala'ba ni 'ba ci. = A snake bites people.
galu galu (adj) not compact eg Kaka 'di galu galu! = This maize is not compact.
garama (n) branch of a plant
gari (n) bicycle, vehicle; [rainbow] eg Richard ni i-ma gari ji ide. = Richard is taking his bicycle for repair.
garimosi (n) train (also dogodogo)
gavuna (n) governor
gaze (n) traditional Lugbara dance
gazeti (n) newspaper (also waraga) eg Arthur ni New Vision gazeti la. = Arthur is reading New Vision newspaper.
gba (v) beat, hit, draw picture
gbanda (n) cassava (also banda, olaa)
gbanza (n) debt (also deni)
gbe (n) egg eg augbe = chicken egg
gbee (n) fox that resembles a dog (also o'boloko), someone who steals village fowl and goats
gbeta (n) vomit (also gbeza)
gbi (v) shoot
gbita (n) shot (also gbiza)
gbolo (n) bed
Gboro (n) Lugbara ancestor in mythology who hunted water animals like hippopotamus, crocodile and fish. He was the father of Oli (Banyale), Olu, Kibira and Obaru
Gborogboro (n) superhuman Lugbara hero ancestor, first man created by ADROA and his name means "the person coming from the sky"
gborondu (n) unsocial
gbudri (n) shoulders
gbuluku (n) hornbill
geri (n) way, path (also gerika, geriko, giri, girika or giriko)
geria (adv) on the way
gerialu (n) oneway
gerika (n) road eg Idi Amin Gerika ni e'do Oil Well Odu Stesoni-a = Idi Amin Road starts at Oil Well Petrol Station.
Gerika Amvu-'yaza Ombo Otuzu (n) Agricultural Production and Marketing (APM)
geritia (adv) along the way, by the path
geto (n) ghetto
Ghana (n) Ghana
Giligili (n) suburb west of Arua City after Ediofe
Giriki (n) Greek
go (v) return
go'dogo'do (adj) crooked (also gonigoni)
gobolo (n) louse, lice
golo (n) football, goal eg Sizza Okhuti su golo. = Caesar Okhuti scored a goal.
gologota (n) place of burial, graveyard
goloko (n) bushy or grassy place
gombolola (n) subcounty (also jo ago), division eg Arua Hill Gombolola = Arua Hill Division
gonja (n) plantain (also makemba)
goro (n) type of drug eg Erik goro nya. = Eric consumes goro.
gorofa (n) storeyed building
gospo (n) gospel
grupu (n) group
gu (v) roll, turn over; [laugh] eg Maureen gu. = Maureen laughed.
guke (n) trumpet used by boys and men in most of their dance (also guka)
gunyagunya (adj) much, said of greeting
guru (n) deep
guta (n) laughter eg Hahaha, ata mba kirikiri! Wa, hahaha, eh, hahaha!

hakalu (n) temple
haki (n) right (borrowed from Swahili)
Halleluya (adj, n) Pentecostal, Saved, Born again group (also Cross) eg Kanisa Halleluya ni = Pentecostal Church
hau (adj) quick, brief
hau hau (adj) rough
ho (adj) open (also hu)
horohoro (adj) light
hotel (n) hotel eg Desert Breeze ni hotel mini ico esu Arua Golf Course ma ageia. = Desert Breeze is a hotel you can find near the Arua Golf Course.
huruhuru (adj) satisfied, when something plastic is filled to the brim

Ii [shares many similar words with Ee]
i (prefix) you do this [(v) grind into powder; tie eg to a peg] eg i'du = you pick, ife = you give, imu = you go, itu = you kick, ivu = you blow
i-ka (prep) if (also e ka)
i'bi (n) fish (also e'bi)
i'da (n) photo eg Mayokia ni i'da gba. = Mayokia is shooting a photo.
i'da ku (adj) invisible
ibi (v) gum, glue, stick (also ebi); [been] eg Elvis ibi MUNGU ai. = Elvis has been praying to GOD.
ibio (n) spider (also ibioibio, inikiniki)
ibiokamanaka (n) spider web
ice (v) show off
icikici (n) cloudy day especially in rainy season
icikili (n) black ants that move in a group and can sting
icita (n) deceipt, joining, connection
ico (adj) can, capable (also eco); [(phr v) beat] eg Ico aco ku! = Do not wage a fight!
idi (n) porridge, Muslim feast at the end of Ramadan or Hijja Pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia
idri (n) life; [(v) send, pass (also edri)] eg Hezekiya awi idri ru eli 15 dika. = Hezekiah stayed alive for 15 more years.
idria (n) razor blade
ifi (n) truth, reality, meaning, seed
ifi kokoru (adj) meaningless
ifu (n) white ants gathered in the late afternoon around 3-4pm (also ofu)
igbe (n) coldness
igo (v) return
ija (n) firewood eg Perry ni ija asi. = Perry is splitting firewood.
ije (n) rib
ijele (n) neighbour
iji (adj & adv) left; [(v) bring]
ijiribi (n) green vegetable (also ejiribi)
iju (n) lower hind part of leg, twins; [(v) stretch]
Ikafe (n) place in Yumbe, used as a refugee settlement area, about 60 kilometres from Arua, reminds you of a protruding rock written on the warning: "Teeth can lost, Te [But] be care ful, 2009" in all caps
iko (v) fetch liquid
ikpa (v) press
ile (adv) down, (adj) low, (n) change
ili (n) knife, trowel (also ilia though can mean small knife)
ilifiri (n) lust
ilo (v) touch
ilu (v) look, descend, make a hole through, tell
ima (pron) his/ her/ its (also i-ma, archaic 'ima)
imba 'ba (n) teachers, educators, instructors
imbata (n) teaching, education (also embata)
imbapi (n) teacher (also imbaapi) eg Lilliane ni imbapi. = Lilliane is a teacher.
imu (phr v) come; [mix] eg Mi imu mavu! = Come to me!
inda (v) search, google
indaneti (n) internet
indrika (n) shade (also endrika) eg Nola ri indrika-a. = Nola is sitted in the shade.
ini (adj) black, dark; [(n) night, darkness; (v) dirten, clean, erase]
inibiricici (adj) very dark (also inicici)
inikini (adj) darkish
inikiniki (n) spider (also ibio, ibioibio)
iniriko (n) skin, hide
inshuarensi (n) insurance
inve (n) white colour (also imve)
Inve (n) river on the Koboko Highway after Enyau River
invu (n) pot
inze (v) pull out, remove (also inje)
inzi (v) adore, glorify, respect; [squeeze] (pronounced inji) eg Yemala mi inzi mini MUNGU ma ru ori kokoru. = Yemala respect for yourself GOD's name without fear.
inzita (n) respect eg Inzita ma so pa i-ma pari-a! = Let respect stand in its place/ All protocol observed! (fig) 
Hon. Col. Ibrahim Abiriga (Arua Municipality Member of Parliament)
ipe (v) vote eg Ipe Abiriga! = Vote Abiriga!
ipi (n) chin (also tiso)
ireje (n) plant that grows like a gourd from which drinking cups are cut
iribi (n) pasture, green vegetable (also tibi ini)
irifia (n) wasp
irii (n) compound (also iriidri)
iriko (adj) damaged, 
iriti (n) clouds
iritro (adv, adj, pron) both
irizori (adj) the second one (also irizuri) eg Daniel Arap Moi ni andraa Kenya ma prezident irizori. = Daniel Arap Moi was Kenya's second president.
isekise (n) gum, glue
isi (v) move, climb down; [write, automatic]
islamuni (n) islamic eg Opi Fahd ni islamuni. = King Fahd is islamic.
iso (interj, v) pierce
isu (v) find, get, receive (also esu) eg Mi eco Wendy ni isu Najjanankumbi-a ra. = You can find Wendy at Najjanankumbi.
ite (v) prepare eg porridge
Itegbara (n) half-breed who is both Itesot and Lugbara, someone with parents from both Teso and Lugbaraland eg Eli ni Itegbara ni. = Eli is an Itegbara.
itini odaza (n) foundation (also itini o'beza)
itisi (n) coiled cloth or other material on which a pot is carried on the head
Itso (n) Lugbara clan in DR Congo [pronounced icho meaning able]
itu (n) coconut palm
ituku (n) minute
Ive ra! (phr) You got burnt/ Thanks for the food! (also Eve ra!) (fig) 
ivu (n) basket made from the covering of sorghum stalk; [(phr v) you blow]
ivua (n) food basket plate
iwa (n) beer eg Iwa mvuza onzi mi alata ni! = Drinking alcohol is bad for your health!
iya (interj, v) shake, sort eg Fify Hafy ngo ongo "Iyanga (Mi Ma Ruati)". = Fify Hafy sang the song "Shake (Your Body)".
iyi (n) water (also yi)
iyitia (adv) ashore
iza (n) meat; [sin (also ezata, izata), (v) spoil (also eza)]
iza'ba (n) wrongdoer, sinner
izi (phr v) you open, you ask; [(v) pray] eg Izi Google! = Ask Google!
izia (adj) thin
izio (n) groom (also mugole); [in-laws]
izita (n) prayer
izu (v) increase
izuza (n) addition, multiplication (also ezuza)

ja (v) cure, heal, get lost, turn
Jaki (n) Lugbara shero ancestor with magical powers, also known as Jaki Lolo. She died on Mt. Liru
je (v) buy, purchase, marry, wed
jeba (n) pocket
jegejege (n) coins (metal money)
jeleko (n) horn, bugle, trumpet
jere (n) shrub
jeta (n) wedding, marriage, buying (also jeza)
ji (v) brush the teeth, sharpen blade; [take] eg Yikii ji ti Muni-a. = Yikii took cows to Muni.
Jiako (n) suburb near Arua Airport
Jinja (n) town east of Victoria Nile near the Source of the Nile, previously Uganda's Most Industrialised Town, landmarks include Owen Falls Dam and the New Nile Bridge, capital of Busoga Kingdom
jo (n) house
jo ago (n) Local Council (LC) 3 Chairman, chief, subcounty (also gombolola) eg Aroi Jo ago = Aroi Subcounty
jo dri (n) roof eg Sabo ni jo dri gba. = Sabo is fixing the roof.
jo ejele (n) neighbour (also jirani)
jo were (n) latrine (also coroni)
jobileko eti (n) verandah
jokoni (n) kitchen
joloko (n) remainder eg joloko acepi = left overs
jomile (n) window
Jordani (n) river found somewhere between Mvara SS and Emmanuel Cathedral in Arua, River Jordan in Israel (also Yoridani), the name Jordan
joroti (n) parliament (also koloseni)
jorovu (n) nest
jotile (n) door
jua kali (n) manual work, manual labourer, hustler
judikeca (n) judicature eg duani judikeca ni = court of judicature
juru (n) foreigner, alien, stranger
jurua (n) bag

Kk [is silent before p]
ka (v) yield eg Kaka ni ka 'ba sikokori ni. = Maize yields for people without teeth/ Good things happen to people who least need them. [Lugbara Proverb]
kaati (n) door
Kabaka (n) king of the Baganda
kabalagala (n) pancake
kabilo (n) sheep
kabilo ago (n) ram
kabilo aroni (n) ewe
kabilomva (n) lamb, young sheep eg Daudi ni kabilomva oce. = David is rearing a lamb.
kadogo (n) young gun
kafiri (n) pagan
kafu (n) small hoe (also kafua)
kafuto (n) foam, lather
kai (adj) in vain
kaiko (n) beans [in Terego dialect] (also osu)
kaiko burusu (n) peas
Kairo (n) Cairo, capital city of Egypt
kajo (n) calf (also kajoa)
kaka (n) maize, relative eg Ali Kiba ni ma kaka. = Ali Kiba is my relative.
Mikaeli Jordani (irizo drieji), Bill Gates (dri ada asizu) [i-ma oku Melinda be: zizaru eri ma kala-a] azini 'ba ndundu kakau isu ki Medali Driwali ni White House-a Prezident Barack Obama (irizo driada) vu eli 2016

kakau (pron) many eg Mikaeli Jordani nyo rekodi kakau. = Michael Jordan broke many records.
Kakwa (n) Luo tribe north of Lugbara
Kakwati (n) Kakwa language
kala (n) side (also woko)
kala etu ni efuria (n) east side
kala etu ni deria (n) west side
kalaa (adv) aside; [(n) metallic basin]
kalafe (n) amount, number of
kalamanda (n) sandals, slippers
kalamu (n) pen, pencil
kalasi (prep) on the side
kalati (n) side (also woko)
kali (n) kraal; [stick]
kalikali (adj) sweet
kalitusi (n) eucalyptus
kalooli (n) marabou stork
kalulu (n) election
kame (n) spoon, ladle
kami (n) lion
KLA City
Kampala (n) Capital City of Uganda (also Kambala)
kamura odu (n) edible oil from the bark of a certain tree
kandi (n) football (also mupira)
kani (prep) if, otherwise, except, rather (also kanisi)
kanisa (n) church, cathedral eg Richard ni mu kanisa-a. = Richard is going to church.
kansa (n) cancer eg YESU eco kansa ati ra! = JESUS can heal cancer!
kansela (n) counsellor eg Inze e'yo kansela be! = Talk to the counsellor!
kapia (n) stork
kapteni (n) captain eg Patrick Vieira ni Arsenal ma Kapteni. = Patrick Vieira is Arsenal's Captain.
karakara (pron) many
karakara fe (n) white man
karani (n) secretary, clerk eg Kalibala ni karani. = Kalibala is a secretary.
karata (n) playing cards
karatasi (n) paper
karatasi biasara niri (n) licence (also kokobi tujara 'yezu)
karati (n) karate
kari (adj) young female animal (of a cow, goat etc), kingdom, tribal house eg Lugbara Kari = Lugbara Kingdom
karia (n) bicycle (also baskili, gari)
kariba Uganda ni (n) Ugandan citizen
karibu (interj, n) welcome (also Ma ai mi ra!)
karile (n) boy, male teenager eg Lionel Messi e'do mupira avi sende si erini ovuzu karile. = Lionel Messi started playing professional football when he was a teenager.
Karongo (n) trading centre in Tara Subcounty
karoti (n) carrot eg Pato ni karoti nya. = Pato is eating carrot.
karukaru (adj) crunchy like a carrot
Karukaru (n) place after Lokiragodo but before the Cico Construction Base in Maracha
Karuma (n) town near waterfalls and a bridge across the Victoria Nile as it flows from Lake Kyoga to Albert, location of a 600 MegaWatt dam and game park
kasese (n) colourless alcoholic drink with sharp burning sting in its taste and scent, named after Kasese in Western Uganda
kasino (n) casino
kasuku (n) parrot (also izi mi cicio)
kasunda (n) big saucepan
Katar (n) Qatar
katara (n) shoes (also nyila, viato)
katrikatri (adj) with straight edges
katro (adv) even if
Katolika (n) Catholic (also Katulika, Katuluka) eg 'Banduyo ni Katolika. = Banduyo is a Catholic.
"Free your Imagination from Incarceration..." - ARUA CARTOONS [since 2014]
katuni (n) cartoon eg Batman ni Katuni Ndripi Ndeni ri! = Batman is the Most Entertaining Cartoon!
kawa (n) coffee
kawunga (n) maize flour
Kaya (n) town in southern South Sudan
kebeji (n) cabbage (also opimaopima)
keyikeyi (n) sieve
kelekele (n) movement esp. up and down
kelekele coo (v) move up and down
kelo (n) dish made from premature bananas, lamb, calf or other animal. Indians make something similar from premature maize eg Anzi ki kelo nya. = The kids are eating kelo.
Kenya (n) zone in Mvara after Zambia Zone, country east of Uganda
kerijo (n) mother who has just given birth to a baby
keyikeyi (n) sieve
ki (pron) them, they; [(v) swallow]
Kibira (n) third and youngest son of Gboro in Lugbara mythology whose spear Oli took to attack an elephant that was destroying millet in the garden; brother to Oli, Olu and Obaru
kibo (n) basket
kijiko (n) spoon
Kijomoro (n) place less than half an hour by car north of Arua City
kikwasi (n) safety pin
kilijuku (n) dark green plant usually used to demarcate plot boundaries (also kalajuku)
kilili (adj) right (also kililiru) eg geri kililiru = the right way
kiliwiri (n) edible vegetable with serrated leaves and prickly stems
kilomgboro (n) very short and cold period
kimbelembele (n) gossip
kinoo (n) mortar
kinoo abe (n) pestle
kini (v) said eg Luka kini i-azoru. = Luke said he is sick.
kinikini (n) rumour
kirikiri (interj) please
Kisweli (n) Swahili
kitambala (n) handkerchief (also kitamba)
kitanda (n) bed (also gbolo)
kiteitei (n) frock, dress
kiti (n) seat, chair (also kome, ogunga)
kitio (n) spade
kitipara (n) locally crafted stool with spiral body and three wooden legs standing diagonally, other times flat body and four legs, probably made in Paraa hence "Seat of Paraa"
klab (n) club eg Mustafa mu klab-a Amin be. = Mustafa went to the club with Amin.
klasi (n) class (also klassi)
Klasiko (n) El Clasico, a classic battle in Sports, Der Klassiker (in Germany between Bayern Munich and Dortmund) eg Baselona ni mu Klasiko avi Real Madrid be drusi. = Barcelona is going to play El Clasico with Real Madrid tomorrow.
klinik (n) clinic
ko (v) sleep, hold, catch
kobi (n) four sided basket for winnowing through its open side
kobia (n) basket plate for eating
Koboko (n) Kakwa town and district north of Maracha, west of Aringa, also considered a Lugbara clan sometimes because Lugbara is taught in area schools, origin of Idi Amin's father eg Tutu mu Koboko-a. = Tutu has gone to Koboko.
kodra (n) papyrus mat (also kolo)
Kodro (n) the first rock formation in Tara anticlockwise from Mt. Liru, adjacent to other ranges named Gala, Kadri, Adrofiya and Njeke (or Njakai)
kofia (n) hat
kofulo (n) padlock (also kopolo)
koil (n) coil
kokaa (n) tickbird
koko (adj) firm, tight; [(n) referring to an insect usually when warning kids]
kokoa (n) something bad; [woodpecker]
kokobi (n) newspaper, book, letter (also waraga)
kokobi tujara 'yezu (n) trading licence (also karatasi biasara niri)
kokoliroko (n) sound made by a cock (also kok-a-doodle-doo, kubaku), dawn, sunrise
kokosi (n) safety pin (also kukwasi)
kole (n) witch (also oleo)
kolikoli (n) wagtail (bird)
kolokolo (adj) loose, not firm
Kololo (n) village in Tara Subcounty (Maracha); [hill in Kampala City between Bukoto, Naguru, Nakawa, Kitante and Kamwokya - Independence Ceremonial Grounds]; trading centre in Amuru District
koloseni (n) parliament (also palament), council
kome (n) seat, chair (also kiti, ogunga)
Komendaku (n) trading centre in Tara Subcounty with a huge rock that can serve as a wonderful view of Mt. Liru, means "you do not have to look for a seat", this is probably Teeth Can Lost - Part 1
komputa (n) computer (also kompota, kompuuta, laptop) eg Afayo ni komputa ayu. = Afayo is using a computer.
kona (n) corner
kongolo (adj, n) hard 
kooa (n) white seasonal bird
2014 FIFA World Cup Champions Germany (in Brazil)
kopo (n) cup, trophy
korikori (adj) black and white
Kost (n) trading centre in Ociba Parish on Mt. Wati Road at the T-Junction that connects to Hospital Road (also Ociba Kost, Coast)
kota (n) pyramidal food cover eg Nubian kota
koti (n) coat
kpekpereko (n) old papyrus mat
kpembere (adv) steadily, definitely
kpere (conj) upto, until
kperekpere (adv) straight away, at once, old papyrus mat
kpete (n) local beer (also kwete)
kpi (adj) straight, upright
kpua (n) gun (also osu, bunduki)
krab (n) crab, water animal with five legs on each side and large claws on the front two
Krab (n) area on Adumi Road after the Prisons and Lemerijoa Road Roundabout
krew (n) crew
Krismas (n) Christmas eg Eri bongo o'di je Krismas si. = He buys new clothes during Christmas.
Kristiani (n) Christian
ku (adv) no, (suffix) does not, (v) leave eg asiku = does not care
kubaku (n) sound made by a chicken like cock-a-doodle-doo
Kubaku (n) name of a fictional Ugandan supershero and means "loyal", "faithful" or "doesn't leave" 
Kubala (n) market near Tara
kubi (n) sauce pot
kukute (adj) thick
kulu (adv) big, main (also kulukulu); [grasshopper, locust] (totem for Maracha Clan)
kulukulu (n) turkey, gourd
Kuluva (n) suburb and parish south of Arua City, where Kuluva Hospital and Uganda Baati are located
kumra (n) plant oil (also kumura odu)
kumu (n) knee (also kumuti), stumbling block
kumu siza (n) kneeling
kuru (prep) round (also kurukuru)
kuruku chai (n) lemon grass
kuta (n) cone-shaped wooven food warmer
kuu (adj) famous
Kyabazinga (n) king of the Basoga

la (v) count, read, lay down (eg baby), lie down eg Jemimah ni buku la. = Jemimah is reading a book.
Emblem of Lado Enclave
Lado Enclave (n) territory at the Heart of Africa that belonged to the Congo Free State and later Belgian Congo from 1894 to 1910 on the West Bank of the Upper Nile in what is now South Sudan and northwest Uganda. In 1912, the southern half of Lado was ceded to Uganda, a British protectorate and became West Nile (also Lado Exclave)
la iku (adj, n) uncountable
lakini (conj) but (also te)
lamu (n) tarmac
Landan (n) London eg Amaguru ni aa Landan-a. = Amaguru stays in London.
langda (n) leisure forum for drinking traditional beer
lanjura (n) single, unmarried man (also ojolo)
lata (n) reading, counting, laying down, lying down
Latini (n) Latin
Lazebu (n) place in Vurra
le (adj) like; [(n) milk (also lesu)]
Leforo gbanda (n) cassava-tasting tuber that germinates when a palmnut is planted in a sweet potato-growing type of mound, usually roasted or boiled (also itu ola, itu olaa)
leja leja (n) casual labour
lejo (n) index finger (also lejoa)
leleo (n) morning star
lesu (n) milk eg Mi owu lesu i-adapibori si ku! = Do not cry over spilt milk! [Lugbara Proverb]
"When you see two Lovers, throw Flowers..." - INDIAN PROVERB
leta (n) love, affection (also letaa, leza)
leta kokoru (adj) without love, cruel
leta si (adv) with love
letaru (adj) loving, affectionate
leuta (n) food cover
li (n) thigh; [(v) cut, mop, clean, judge; roll (eg ball), blow (said of wind)]
li ti (phr) interrupt sb talking (idiom), directly translated: cut mouth eg Fozy li ma ti. = Fozy interrupted my speech.
lico (n) home [in Aringa dialect]; kraal
ligaliga (n) gecko
ligi (n) league 
likico (n) orphan
likinya (n) yam (also girinya)
Lingala (n) Lingala
lira (n) type of tree
liri (adj) high, up
Liru (n) mountain immediately north of Maracha but in Koboko with Lurujo Road in between the districts
liza (n) cutting, slaughtering, judgement, mopping, cleaning, rolling
lo (v) harvest (cereals), slaughter
Lobule (n) village in Koboko near Tara
Lodonga (n) place in Yumbe where Lodonga Seminary is located
Logiri (n) subcounty in the Vurra County of Arua District, proposed site for transferring Barifa Forest to create land for a futuristic Nile Eco City
logo (n) bare-necked chicken
Loinya (n) place after Nyadri Town along Koboko Highway 
loki (n) semen, sperms
lokira (n) elbow
Lokiragodo (n) trading centre at the edge of Ayivu as you enter Maracha on Koboko Highway near a forest
lokiri (n) trick, bad manners
lolo (n) cock (in Ayivu)
loma (n) rib
loni (n) loan
lonyi nyakuari (n) mammon, money
loori (n) lorry (also lori)
lorika (n) oval-shaped fruit with a red outer cover and white interior plus a sharp taste, available in Vurra and Congo
loza (n) harvest
lu (adv) just, exactly; [(v) look, see (also ilu), make a hole through something] eg Arua lu aluzaru! = Arua is just sweet!
Lu (n) Lugbara dialect in DR Congo
ludo (n) ludo game, gambling using dice eg Karile ki ludo avi. = The youth are playing ludo.
lufe (n) mingling stick
Lugbara (n) northwest Ugandan tribe recognised in the National Constitution since Independence but occupied Central Africa long before colonialists arrived, among the Top 10 Most Populous Tribes in Uganda, eastern Congolese natives, also found in southern South Sudan, with similar names and words like West Africans; people whose common ancestry according to mythology is at Mt. Wati and occupy the plateau west of the White (Albert) Nile
Lugbara Kari (n) the House of Lugbara, administrative body of Lugbara headed by an elected clan-rotational agofe
Lugbara ti (n) Lugbara language eg Yikii ni filimu oja Lugbara ti si. = Yikii translates films into Lugbara language.
Lugbaraganda (n) half-breed who is both Lugbara and Muganda, someone with parents from both Lugbaraland and Buganda, colloquailly a Lugbara who prefers to be associated with Buganda and denies, rejects or loses interest in his/ her real tribe [pronounced Lubaraganda] eg Angubua ni Lugbaraganda ni. = Angubua is a Lugbaraganda. 
Lugbarazungu (n) half-breed with parents from both Lugbaraland and Europe or America, half Lugbara and half Caucasian [pronounced Lubarazungu] eg Benedetta ni Lugbarazungu ni. = Benedetta is a Lugbarazungu.
luku (n) basket for carrying babies. In Maracha, it has red leather straps attached and smeared with eraka
Luku (n) mountain east of Arua City, forms the Ugandan Lugbaraland in a circle with Wati, Liru and Arua Hill
LULA (abbr) Lugbara Literature Association
lulu (n) alarm
lulu ga (v) make an alarm
lumboo (n) white tuber like sweet potato that grows long, now extinct
luru (adj) narrow (also lurua); [(n) mist, fog], end blow trumpet made from a bottle shaped gourd
Luturujo (n) rock, hill in Tara, means "the house of/ on a hill"

ma (pron) me, (v) decay, rot
ma-i (pron) me
ma vutia (adv) onwards
maaku (n) potato eg Kristin ni maaku nya biko tro; eri ma ale ni su maaku si. = Christine is eating potatoes with the outer skin; her stomach aches because of potatoes.
mabugo (n) profit
madala (n) ladder, hash(tag) eg 'bi'bio 133 madala = *133#
Madi (n) language and tribe closely related to Lugbara
Madi Andraleru (n) Lower Madi, Moyo
Madi Okollo (n) Lugbara clan, town and area farther south from Arua City, Upper Madi Constituency (also Madi Oruleru)
madri ri (pron) mine (also mani)
mafaranga (n) francs, money used in Rwanda and France
magadi (n) used in place of salt and got from water like at Kibiro on the Northern shores of Lake Albert, got its name from Lake Magadi in Tanzania
maik (n) microphone (also maikrofon)
mairungi (n) small leaves of a shrub plant eaten by all ages for leisure, sometimes with chewing gum though discouraged
majani (n) tea leaves
majestri (n) magistrate
majini (n) jinn spirit
maka (n) charcoal eg Namanda ni ini maka le. = Namanda is black like charcoal.
makanika (n) mechanic
makasi (n) pair of scissors eg Diyo ni makasi ayu baka lizu. = Diyo is using scissors to cut a rope.
makroni (n) macaroni, spaghetti, Santa Lucia
maku (n) potato
malaika (n) angel
malaja (n) malice, bad heart (also asi onzi)
malakwang (n) type of greens
malaya (n) prostitute eg Malaya su mini. = The prostitute wore a mini-dress.
mali (n) wealth, money, gold eg mali nyakua = land wealth
mama (n) mother
mandili (n) napkin, handkerchief (also kitambala)
mangada (n) tangerine eg Aci dra 'bo, ama di mangada mbe-i. = Electricity has gone off already, so we are eating tangerines instead.
manya (n) monitor lizard, alligator
mara (n) glass, window (also derisa, dinisa), mirror, spectacles, goggles, sunglasses, shades
Maracha (n) Lugbara clan, area less than an hour by car north of Arua City, south of Koboko and Yumbe, west of Terego, represented by the initials MRC 
Marakana (n) Maracana Stadium found in Brazil, Biggest Football Venue on Earth with a capacity of over 100,000 spectators
marani (n) soldier, watchman (also askari)
mare (n) side blown trumpet made from a gourd and wooden tube blown through the hole in the gourd with the wooden tube pointing downward or under the left arm, smeared inside with bee wax
mari (n) debt (also deni, deno)
mario (n) mahogany
maru (n) big white mushrooms that grow near anthills
masete (n) panga (also saturu)
mashin (n) machine
maskiti (n) mosque
matenvu (n) drunkard
matu (n) misery, sadness, sorrow (also candi)
matunda (n) passion fruit
maua (n) flower
mavu (prep) to me, with me
mawa (n) flower eg E ka 'ba iri ne leta-a, i'be mawa ki! = When you see two lovers, throw flowers! [Indian Proverb]
Maye! (injerj) Oh my, I'm sorry!
mayuni (n) yam (also ayu, gurunya, likinya) eg Saleh ni mayuni nya. = Saleh is eating yam.
maza (adj) rotten, decayed
mba (adj) tough, hard (also mbazaru); [real, true (also adada); (n) month, moon; (v) lay ambush], toughen, harden, grow
mba o'du (n) day of the month eg Ma osi mba o'du 7 (aziri) Januari si! = I was born on 7th January!
mba'bu (n) guinea pig
mbasala (n) onion
mbata (n) duck
mbata asea ri (n) goose
mbaza (n) old person, elder(s)
mbe (v) lick
mbele (adj) quick
mbele mbele (adv) quickly (also mbeleko cici)
mbeta (n) ring
mbi (v) have sex, fuck
mbili (adj) sharp (like a needle)
Mbindru (n) natural crater near Banyale's grave with waters nearby that natives claim have never dried
mbo (adj) open (also mgbo)
mbu (v) jump
mbumbu (n) bomb
medali (n) medal eg Kiprotich isu medali Mbale-a. = Kiprotich received a medal in Mbale.
mee (n) bleat of a goat
Meksiko (n) Mexico
mele (n) gold eg John Akii Bua [1972] azini Dorcus Inzikuru [2005] ndeki Uganda ma mele oko nzuta ni. = John Akii Bua [1972] and Dorcus Inzikuru [2005] won Uganda's first athletics gold.
memba koloseni (n) member of parliament, MP eg Benard Atiku ni Memba Koloseni Ayivu County niri. = Benard Atiku is the MP of Ayivu County.
Meme (n) superhuman Lugbara shero ancestor, first woman in Lugbara mythology who bore twins: a boy and girl, name means "the person who came alone"
menemene (adj) soft (also moimoi)
mengu (n) mango (also muyembe) eg Kabaka ni mengu mgbe. = The Kabaka is eating a mango.
menvu (n) bananas (also bogoya) 
mere mere (adj) obese (also abuza)
mesa (n) holy communion, table (also meja)
meya (n) mayor
mgbemgbe (n) irish potatoes
mi (pron) you, yourself (also mi-i) eg A le mi ra! = I love you!
Mi ala? (greeting) You are fine?/ Are you fine?
mi ape ti (phr v) comment
mi edri (phr v) send
mi gba (phr v) save
Mi Iji Katro Ngungu! (n) Lugbara song supposedly sung by doves
mi le (phr v) like
mi nzi (phr v) open
mi opi (phr v) close
mile (n) eye (also mifi), eye opening eg Herbert ni mara su i-ma mile dri-a ci. = Herbert wears glasses over his eyes.
mile aci (n) curiosity
mile ako (n) blindness
mile ini (n) gloom
mile'bi (n) eyelashes
milefi (n) eyeball
milekoko (adj) blind
mileti (n) face
minati (n) minute (also dakika, miniti)
mindre (n) tears
mini (pron) yours
minista (n) minister
Minista Kari ni (n) Minister of State
ministry (n) ministry (also ministri)
Ministry Alata niri (n) Ministry of Health (also Ministry Alata vuleri)
Ministry Imbata azini Avita niri (n) Ministry of Education and Sports (also Ministry Imbata azini Avita vuleri)
miri (n) lake, big river
Miriadua (n) waterfalls in Maracha about 20 kilometres from Arua City
mita (n) meter eg mita 'yi lapi = water meter
mo (v) gobble
modem (n) modem
modomodo (adj) ripe, soft (also moimoi)
mokoto (n) sleeping sickness
molo (n) traditional chicken house
moralu (n) informal morale (also atita)
mosikiti (n) mosque (also maskiti)
motoka (n) car (mutuka)
motoka onzu (v) drive, run a car
Moyo (n) Madi town and district northeast of Arua, translated "heart" or "soul" in Swahili language
mu (v) go, hold closed in the palm eg Buruga mu Kololo-a. = Buruga went to Kololo.
mucele (n) rice (also aria anya) eg West Nile Super Rice ni mucele kapi West Nile-a ni. = West Nile Super Rice is rice that grows in West Nile.
mucungua (n) orange (also ndima)
mude (n) darkness (also ini) eg Emaa ni angu ne muke mude-a! = An owl sees clearly in darkness!
mudri (n) ten
mufaliso (n) mattress (also mofilisi) eg Eli ni la "Arua Foam" mufaliso dria. = Eli sleeps on an Arua Foam mattress.
Muganda (n) sb from Buganda Kingdom
Mugandati (n) Luganda language
mukati (n) bread (also mugati)
muke (adj, interj) okay, alright
mukeka (n) mat eg Filipo la-i mukeka dria. = Philip lay down on a mat.
Mukiga (n) Mukiga (also Muciga) eg Muhimbise ni Mukiga. = Muhimbise is a Mukiga.
mukungu (n) county chief eg Manasseh ni mukungu. = Manasseh is a chief.
mulevi (n) drunkard
muli muli (adj) healthy
mulokoni (n) cooked cow hooves(also putuku)
mundrokole (n) leafy vegetable (also waarla without beans)
Mundu (n) English, European, Western, white person (also muzungu) eg John Middleton ni Mundu. = John Middleton is an Englishman.
Mundu ti (n) English language (also ogarabati)
Munduganda (n) half-breed of a European and Muganda, Lugbara who prefers speaking only English or a European tongue and Luganda
MUNGU (n) GOD [preferred Christian name instead of ADROA, borrowed from Swahili]
MUNGU ka lera (phr) if GOD wills, inshaALLAH
muni (n) type of chilli
Muni (n) suburb southeast of Arua City and east of Ewuata, location of Muni University, Muni TTC and PSO Centre
munimuni (adj) soft
munu (n) ringworm
munyumunyu (adj) taking quick, small bites like a rabbit
mupesa (n) button on cloth
mupira (n) football (also soka), ball, rubber, condom, tyre eg David O'bua avi mupira Hearts ni Scotland-a. = David Obua played football for Hearts in Scotland.
mupira pari (n) football field, pitch, stadium eg Arua Prisons ni avi Ministri Alataniri be Saferside mupira pari-a. = Arua Prisons is playing with Ministry of Health at Saferside Pitch.
murukulu (n) okra with groundnut paste
musalaba (n) cross
musara (n) payment, salary, earnings, wages
musipi (n) belt
musoro (n) tax, graduated tax eg Matayo ni musoro tra URA ni. = Matthew collects tax for URA.
muta (n) going (also muza)
mutere (n) sliced and sun-dried cassava or potatoes (also amukeke)
mutuka (n) motorcar (also motoka, mutukari) eg Mutuka Hamilton ni onzu ri Mercedes Benz. = The car Hamilton drives is a Mercedes Benz.
Muyindi (n) Indian
muze (n) old man, dad, granny
Muzungu (n) white person, European (also Mundu)
mva (adj) halfway, not full, half full, (n) baby, child (also mvamva)
mva ofuza (n) abortion
Mvara (n) suburb east of Arua City, location of Emmanuel Cathedral
mve (v) whiten
mvi (n) son (also agupiamva); [(v) return, go back] eg LeBron Yakobo mvi Cleveland Cavaliers-a. = LeBron James returned to Cleveland Cavaliers.
mvita (n) return
mvo (v) slash
mvu (v) drink eg Masiyiwa ni Pepsi mvu. = Masiyiwa is drinking Pepsi.
mvuzaru (adj, n) drinkable

na (n) three
nabi (n) prophet eg Nabi YESU = Prophet JESUS
Naijeria (n) Nigeria, Naija, 9ja eg Ojuelegba ni Naijeria-a. = Ojuelegba is in Nigeria.
naito (n) drum played at death dances in union with mare - a side blown trumpet whose gourd is smeared inside with bee wax
namba (n) number eg Mi ma namba alu! = You are my number one!
nanasi (n) pineapple
"The Flow of Knowledge..."
nasari (n) nursery, kindergarten eg Anzi avi Springs Nasari-a. = Children are playing at Springs Kindergarten.
nasi (n) nurse eg Angela ni nasi. = Angela is a nurse.
Natali (n) Nativity, Christmas (also etu ambo, Krismas)
nda (v) search, look for, find
ndaandaa (n) type of ray with long mouth and bad smell
ndaza ru (adj, n) becoming rare
nde (def. art) the; [(v) win, defeat; deny sb sth] eg Arsenal nde Manchester United 1-0. = Arsenal defeated Manchester United 1-0.
nde nde (n) palm tree leaves
ndege (n) aeroplane
ndege pari (n) airfield, airport
ndere (n) quiver used by Lugbara for traditional dance
ndeza (n) win
ndi (v) pinch; [still, quiet] eg Enyati 'di ndi! = This zone is quiet!
ndima (n) orange eg Rita ni ndima mvu. = Rita is drinking orange juice.
ndima oka (n) bitter lemon
ndiria (n) small bush animal resembling goat
ndra (v) gaze at
ndraandraa (n) type of grass that cuts you when you come into contact with it
ndrazu (v) pour out water slowly to separate residue from the wanted content
ndri (adj) beautiful (also ndriza, ndrizaru), (n) beauty (also ndrita); [goat] eg Victoria ndri! = Victoria is beautiful!
ndro (v) gossip eg Red Pepper ni 'ba ndro. = Red Pepper gossips about people.
ndru (n) suck, kiss eg Adam ndru Eva ma ti. = Adam kissed Eve's lips.
ndu (adj) different, (n) buttocks
Ndu (n) former name of the Kebu who live mainly in Mahagi District of DR Congo, west of Alur, blacksmiths (also Okebu)
ndundu (adj) various others
ne (v) see, watch eg Rashid ni BTN ne. = Rashid is watching BTN.
Nebbi (n) Alur town and district south of Arua
nga (conj) will, (v) rise, get up, fly eg Nga ki mu 'Be Wati-a. = They got up to go to Mt. Wati.
ngamia (n) camel (also ngamiyayi)
nganu (n) wheat (flour)
ngata (n) flight
ngenjia (n)  small silver fish
Ngilingili (n) short one, Pygmies or dwarfs of Ituri Forest
ngo (v) sing eg Leila Kayondo ni ongo ngo Nakimera be. = Leila Kayondo is singing with Nakimera.
ngoa (prep) where
ngobo (adj) wound scab, peel off
ngoli (n) sickle
ngonde (adj) ready
ngoni? (greeting) how are you (also ngoni ya, ngoni 'do), (intej) how,
ngu (v) hate, smell, fatten
nguari? (adv) when?, from where? (also a'dungare?)
nguku (n) back; [(phr v) does not smell]
ngulu (adj) together
ngurube (v) pig eg Ngurube ma eza alu alu. = Pig meat (pork) is tasty.
nguta (n) hatred
nguzaru (adj) smelly
ni (adv) the one who did sth (n) snake (also ori, uri); [(prep) for; (v) know, is] eg Taban si jo ni = Taban is the one who built the house.
Nio (n) Lugbara dialect in DR Congo (very similar to Ugandan Lugbara)
niza (adj) ripe, dark
njarunjaru (n) greens and beans
njolonjolo (adj) soft (also onukunuru, munimuni)
no (v) roar
noi (adj) slow, sluggish
noza (n) roaring
ntula (n) green berries
Nubi (adj, n) Nubian tribe
Nubiti (n) Kinubi, Nubian language
nufi (n) greed eg M7 kini ileni 'ba nufi tro ri ku. = Museveni said that he does not like people with greed.
nukuta (n) letter
Nuu Ziland (n) New Zealand
nya (v) eat
nyadri (n) grave
Nyadri (n) subcounty and town considered most central in Maracha because of district administration buildings
nyafe (n) weapon, missile
Nyagak (n) place in Zombo District where there is a series of dams that supply power to West Nile
nyaka (n) foodstuff
nyaka 'da (v) fast
nyaka 'daza (n) fasting
nyaka a'diza (n) cuisine, cookery
nyaka itu-a (n) lunch (also yi ali)
nyaku (n) soil
nyaku 'ba (n)  national, native (also plu.)
Nyankole (n) Munyankole, sb from Ankole Kingdom
nyanya (n) tomato
nyaruganda (n) someone who is half Munyarwanda and half Muganda
nyaza (adj) edible, (n) eating
nyeke (n) chin
nyi (v) clean, mop, stick on sb
nyibiliko (n) injury
nyila (n) shoes (also katara, viato)
nyiri (adj) tiny, small
nyo (v) break
nyondo (n) hammer
nyororo (n) chain
nyoza (n) breaking
nyu (v) wither, wilt
nyure (n) cow vaseline mixed with plant oil and smeared on skin
nyuta (n) withering, wilting
nza (v) suffer
nzai (n) type of drug (also njai) eg 'Ba nzai se stress si.= People smoke njai because of stress.
nzata (n) suffering
nze (v) comb, sneak, subtract, talk, uproot
nzenze (n) grasshopper (also ise, kulu)
nzeta (n) combing, sneaking, subtracting, talking, uprooting
nzi (v) jeer, squeeze, strangle; [open]
nzila (n) road (also gerika)
nzinzi (adj) heavy (also anziza, nzizaru); [spotted; (n) jeer (also nziri)]
nzita (n) jeering, squeezing, strangling, opening, weight (also nziza)
nzo (v) slip, skid, slide; [unshell (eg beanskin)]
nzoko (n) tree that can grow on another
nzolanzola (adj) slippery (also nzonzo, nzozaru)
nzota (n) slipping, sliding, skidding, unshelling
nzu (n) kind of pumpkin; [(v) run dry, suck, run]
nzuku (n) gonorrhea, syphilis (also oya)
nzuta (n) running, athletics, sucking, drying (also nzuza)

Oo [shares some words with Uu]
o'ba (v) add
o'be (v) throw
o'belemvu (n) cheek (also o'bolo)
o'bi (n) crowd, family, public, people; [(v) imitate, mimic, try, taste, roast; winnow]
o'bini ku (adj) private
o'bita (n) trial
o'biti (adv) morning (also o'bitisi)
o'bo (n) boat (also oguru)
o'boko (n) cover, shell (also o'boroko)
o'bolo (n) cheek (also o'bole, o'belemvu)
o'boloko (n) fox, vixen, jackal, wild creature that steals domesticated animals (also obalako, obaliko, obaloo) (totem for Vurra Clan)
o'boloko aje (n) saod of a low price even a fox (animal) can afford
o'bu (n) season for white ants to fly out of anthills, worm
O'bu ondrindria niri (n) HIV
o'buka (n) baby strap, baby carrier
o'buruso (n) form, lather
o'da (v) abuse
o'data (n) abuse, insult
o'de (v) fall
o'di (adj) new; [(n) betrayal (also o'di nyaza), harp, guitar]
o'di nya (v) betray
FORGIVENESS: "A Leopard cannot change its Dots, but JESUS died to heal our Souls..."
o'du (n) day; [leopard (also odhu), garden dug and left for some time before using, thigh, vision, omen sent to an evildoer by the Divine Spirit]
o'du ambo (n) big day, public holiday
o'du koza (n) sleep
o'du ositani (n) birthday (also o'du 'bani mi osizu)
O'du ositani(ri) ayikoru! (phr) Happy birthday!
O'dua (n) name given to a triplet (also O'duru, Aseru)
o'duko (n) fairytale, story, noise, sound
o'duko 'ba jezuri (n) transfer news
o'duko eceza (n) announcement (also oyuta)
o'wi (v) dry
o'wiza (n) drying
o'yo (n) promise or oath not to do something
o'yu (n) horn
oa (v) stay, reside (also aa, archaic o'a, o-a)
oata (n) stay (also oaza)
obangulu (n) bread made from wingless white ants pounded and then cooked in banana leaves, hardened together (also ombangulu, bofolo)
Obaru (n) daughter of Gboro in Lugbara mythology; sister to Oli, Olu and Kibira
obau (n) hyena (also angbaka)
Obauji (n) hill adjacent to Mt. Wati
obe (v) entice, tempt, convince, induce, persuade
obeta (n) enticement, temptation, inducement, persuasion
obi (n) character, behaviour, custom, habit, (v) hold
obi onzi (adj) impolite
obibia (n) copying eg Obibia si, etoo jo ve ra. = Because of copying, the hare's house burnt. [Lugbara Proverb]
obirio (n) rhinoceros eg Obirio inve andraa lu Ajai Game Reserve-a wudrikuru-a woro. =  White rhinos used to be found only in Ajai Game Reserve on the whole earth.
obita (n) test
obiti (n) morning, breakfast (also euetere)
ocaoca (n) kind of sauce prepared with beans and paste (also ocakuca )
oce (n) dog (also ocoo), rainbow shaped tatoos
Ediofe Woods
ocee (n) forest (also angu patiru, goloko, jere[e], jereko, obibi, pati jumulani, pati tala), reserve, grove; [(v) rear eg animals] eg Ama aci ki ocee Barifa-a! = Let's take a walk in Barifa Forest!
ocepi (n) shepherd
oceta (n) rearing
oci (n) thorn; [(v) bite many times here and there, hide]
Ociba (n) suburb and parish near Arua City, north of Anyafio along Mt. Wati Road eg Ma Premier ne Ociba Kost-a. = I watch English Premiership in Ociba Coast.
ocita (n) hiding, keeping, secret, concealment (also ociza)
oco (n) length, height; [dog (also oce, ocoo, ocogo)]
ocoko (n) misery
ocu (v) interrogate
ocuruko (n) insult, abuse
oda (v) pour
ode (adj) young
odekele (n) baby (also odekua, odekule)
odhu (n) leopard (also o'du)
odi (v) box strike, depreciate
odidia  (n) newness
odo (v) handle carefully
odoloo (n) tree that bears long suspended fruits
odra (n) local beer that has stayed overnight, bamboo; [death]
Odramacako (n) border town on the Maracha - DR Congo border reachable from Arua City via Adumi Road
odre (n) urine
odri (n) mud, clay
odro (n) rat; [coach grass; (v) chase] (totem for Terego Clan)
odrokodro (n) a kind of nocturnal bird
onokono (n) praying mantis
odrota (n) chase
odru (n) buffalo eg Odru fu Anira ni te/ Odru fu Anera ni te! = A buffalo killed Anira (who thought he knew it all)/ Anera (who thought she had seen it all)/ Listen to advice! [Lugbara Proverbs]
odrua (n) small buffalo, motorcycle
odrukodru (n) toad, frog
odu (v) soak, wet; [(n) oil (also petroli), vaseline (also odu efizaru), lotion]
odukudu (n) cockroach
ofa (n) scrap, (v) scrape, remove or cut grass with a hoe, remove or cut hair
ofaza (n) removal
ofe (v) pay
ofenga (n) payment (also ofeta, ofeza)
ofi (v) enter
ofisa (n) officer
ofisi (n) office
ofo (n) tick (also oga)
ofu (n) kind of white ant (also ifu); [leprosy, (v) release, exchange, kill; become pale (clothes)] eg Ben Hur ma andri azini amvi esu ofu aru-a. = Ben Hur's mother and sister got leprosy in prison.
ofu ojo (n) herbs
Ofude Hills (n) mountain ranges near Mt. Wati, viewable from Kololo in Maracha
Ofunyaru (n) leper Madi woman in Lugbara mythology whom Banyale met on Mt. Wati and conceived Angundru with
ofuruso (n) lather, foam
ofusara (n) mist, fog
ofuta (n) ash
ofutaku (n) ingredient produced by burning dried bean pods, banana peelings, etc and mixing the ash with water before sieving to produce a brown liquid used to cook greens like osubi. It maintains their green chlorophyll colour
ofuta (n) release, exchange, killing (also ofuza)
ofutaru (adj) shy
oga (v) crawl, hatch, stop; [(n) tick]
ogara (n) axe
ogara'ba (n) English, Europeans, rulers
ogata (n) crawling, hatching, stopping (also ogaza)
ogayi (n) basket
ogba (v) beat eg with stick, draw
ogbe (v) vomit
ogbeta (n) vomiting (also obeza)
ogbi (v) shoot
ogbo (n) zero, nil
ogea (n) big basket used for harvests
ogogo (prep) near
ogu (n) waist, back of the body, theft; [liver, (v) laugh]; steal
ogua (adv) on the back, (n) seat, chair
ogulegu (n) small ant
ogunga (n) seat, chair (also kome, kiti)
ogbuluku (n) large black bird, type of safari ant
ogunga (n) throne
oguo (n) thief
oguoei (n) chairman eg Draga ni oguoei. = Draga is chairman.
oguru (n) boat (also o'bo)
oguta (n) laughter
oguza (adj) stolen, (n) theft
ohelu (n) crested crane (also ohalu)
ohorokoto (n) empty shell
oi (n) kind of fish, (v) dry; [hang, tether, tie eg a goat]
oiza (n) dry
oja (v) change, exchange, translate
Ojapi (n) village in Tara Subcounty
ojata (n) exchange, change (also ojaza), translation, shift
ojazaru (adj) (ex)changed
oje (v) bought more than one thing
ojeta (n) buying
ojeza (adj, n) buying
oji (n) cave, (v) take, deliver; [wash, bathe]
ojiata (n) baboon (also ojimata)
ojio (n) go between, one sent on errands, apostles eg YESU pe ojio mudri drini iri (12) ma ti. = JESUS sent 12 apostles.
ojita (n) bath, taking, steering, deliverance
ojizaru (adv) taken, delivered, washed, bathed
ojoo (n) heavy sauce made from beans and paste (also o'yoo); [medical practitioner (also dakitari, daktari), local medicineman or woman (also ojo)]
oju (n) twins (also eju)
oka  (adj) sour, (n) sourness; [blacksmith, (v) become brownish with dirt]
okalamgba (adj) brown eg Grace su viato okalamgba. = Grace wore brown shoes.
okalamvu (n) factory
okangali (adj) very bitter, sour
okaritua (n) very sour colourless alcohol brewed from cassava, drunk while sitted in the sun
okata (n) becoming brownish
okaza (n) brown, brownish (also okazaru)
Okebu (n) ethnic group that specialised in iron smelting
okelea (n) calabash
oki (v) swallow
oko (adv) first, ahead, leading; [(v) fetch eg water; finish]
Okokoro (n) trading centre in Maracha on Koboko Highway after River Imve
okpo (n) strength
okpoa (n) gizzard
okpojo (n) uterus
okpolo (adj) old fashioned
okporovu (n) pregnancy, pregnant person
okporu (adj) strong
oku (n) female, wife, woman; [hat, crown, (v) gather, collect] eg Pamela ni oku. = Pamela is a woman.
oku biza (n) wedding
Okuambo Cuu (n) market formed by old women on Oluko Road after Mvara Trading Centre
okuku (n) tortoise
okuku nyazari (n) turtle (edible)
okuza (n) gathering, congregation (also okuta) eg Afeku mu Okuza-a. = Afeku went for the Gathering.
okuzaru (adv) collected, gathered
ola (n) root, (v) lie down
olaa (n) cassava (also gbanda)
olaa fura (n) cassava flour
olakula (n) restlessness, curiosity
olangi (n) bell
ole (adj) clean, bare, trick, deceive; [(n) witchcraft in the heart, indignation, moral anger, Parallax]
Oleba (n) subcounty in Maracha
oleo (n) witch
olezaru (adv) tricked
oli (n) air, wind, airtime; [(v) whistle, cut; roll] eg MTN ma oli = MTN airtime
Oli (n) cannibalistic ancestor also known as Banyale in Lugbara mythology, eldest son of Gboro, had supernatural powers and kingship privileges symbolised by a bead, brother to Olu, Kibira and Obaru. His first descendants were Madi Pawor. He killed children and ate their liver
oli vuu (v) whistle
oli vuza (n) whistling
olimangulu (n) sportsnews
olirika (n) wind [in Terego dialect] (also oliriko)
oliza (n) cut
olizaru (adv) cut
olokoto (n) lizard
olu (v) lower sth or sb, slope; [preach, report, reveal, fall off eg leaves] eg Fanuel Onzima olu e'yo ni. = Fanuel Onzima preached the message.
Olu (n) second son of Gboro in Lugbara mythology; brother to Oli, Kibira and Obaru
olufe (n) bridge; [mingling stick]
Oluffe (n) river on the Koboko Highway after Inve River
Oluko (n) suburb east of Arua City beyond Mvara
oluta (n) preaching (also oluza)
olupi (n) preacher, catechist
oluzaru (adj) sloppy, sloping
omba (n) anger; [(v) stiffen, toughen]
omba omba (n) edible rats enjoyed mainly in Terego eg Omba omba 'ba esu ngoa? = Where can people find edible rats?
Ombaci (n) suburb connected to Arua City by Rhino Camp Road (after the Airfield Stretch), location of St. Joseph's College for boys only, suburb where former Ugandan President Idi Amin set up the First Earth Satellite Station in East Africa [1976] before Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) removed the equipment 40 years later plus where Obote II soldiers massacred civilians in 1985
ombaru (adj) angry
Ombatini (n) place reachable eastwards from Ombaci via Rhino Camp Road
ombazaru (adj) stiff, tough
ombe (n) neck (also ombele, ombeleko), lick; [tie]
ombeza (adv) licking
ombezaru (adj, n) tied, licked
ombi (n) locust
ombizoku (n) large waterbody eg lake
Ombokolo (n) place in Koboko
ombu (v) jump, hop
ombulu (n) fake money, counterfeit, kiwani
ombuta (n) jump, hopping (also ombuza)
omgbo (n) size, volume
omi (v) press
Omi (n) village on Koboko Highway after Enyau River
omogo (n) vagina (also rua okuni, oma, angunya)
omu (v) visitor; [(v) combine; festival] eg SK ni mu omu-a. = SK is going to the festival.
Omugo (n) subcounty in Maracha
omunyale (n) refugee (also emunyale) eg Omunyale engazu South Sudan-a apa ki Uganda-a. = Refugees from South Sudan fled to Uganda.
omve (v) call eg Prezident Museveni omve Luwero "NRM ma e'doza". = President Museveni called Luwero "the beginning of NRM".
omvele (n) called (also omvezaru)
omveta (n) calling (also omveza)
omvi (v) reply, return; [feel, touch (also amvu, omvu)] eg Trevor omvi zita. = Trevor answered the question.
omvita (n) answer, reply (also omviza)
omvizaru (n) returned, replied
omvu (n) nose, sneeze; [orphan; (v) pick up]
omvumvua (n) drinks 
ona (v) dodge, avoid
onda (v) look for, search for
ondakayi (n) red ants that reside mainly on mangoes
ondaza (n) looking for or searching
ondere (n) giraffe
ondi (n) dirt, sweat; [(v) pinch] eg Ayiko ni ondi ma mva. = Happiness is sweat's child. [Lugbara Proverb]
ondikokoru (adj) clean, without dirt
ondiru (adj) dirty
ondo (n) barren person or animal, barrenness, infertility, impotency
ondoa (n) cleverness, brightness
ondoru (adj) barren
ondre (n) evening; [(v) look, search (also one)]
ondre ta (n) evening meal
ondrealesi (adv) by evening (also ondresi), in the evening
ondreondre (n) white ants harvested immediately after dusk from 7:30-8:30pm (also andre)
ondreta (n) supervision, checking (ondreza)
ondrezaru (n) checked, supervised
ondri (v) become thin or slim, bewitch
ondringa (n) slimming (also ondrita, ondriza)
ondrita (adv) bewitching, slimming (also enata, acife) eg Pasta Sembera ni ondrita agba Life TV-a. = Pastor Sembera is hitting witchcraft on Life TV.
ondrizaru (adj) slim
ondroko (n) snore
ondroko soza (n) snoring (also ondroko seza)
ondu (n) sorghum; [(v) cheat]
Onduparaka Football Club
Onduparaka (n) suburb, town and village found less than a 10-minute ride directly north of Arua City along Adumi Road eg Greenlight Stadium ni Onduparaka-a. = Greenlight Stadium is in Onduparaka.
one (v) look
oneza (n) looking
onga (n) trap, (v) fly
ongo (n) song, music, tune eg Yiga si ongo Maggie ni. = Yiga wrote a song for Maggie.
Jackie Chandiru
ongo ngo (v) sing music eg Jackie ni andraa ongo ngo Blu 3 be. = Jackie used to sing with Blu 3.
ongo ngoza (n) singing
ongobi (n) gorilla
ongoni (adj) poetic
ongoro'bi (n) eyebrows
ongu (n) race, running (also ongu nzuta, ongu nzuza); [(v) dry]
ongulumu (n) group, association, multitude eg Sudhir Ruparelia ma ongulumu amboo. = Sudhir Ruparelia's group is big.
oni (n) stone, hill; [(v) learn] eg Oni Arua = Arua Hill
ono (v) complain (also onu)
onota (n) complaint (onoza)
onya (n) white ant, winged termites (also ona, una)
onyakunya (n) snacks
onyata (n) fraud, corruption, cheating (that does not involve adultery)
onyi (n) good, beauty (also ndrita), partner (also onyia) eg Idri ma onyi! = Life has beauty/ Life is good!
onyiru (adj) good eg Amina ni onyiru. = Amina is good.
onyofi (n) body nail
onyu (v) wither, crumple, crash eg Mutuka onyu-i. = The car was crashed.
onyukunyu (n) housefly
onyuonyu (adj) withered (onyuza, onyuzaru)
onyuta (n) withering
onze (v) bail, pluck, uproot
onzeta (n) bail (onzeza)
onzi (n) type of snake, bad; [(v) show happiness, open] eg LGBT+ Afu onzi! = LGBT+ Pride is bad!
onzikanya (n) very bad (also onzirikanya)
onzita (n) happiness, opening (also onziza)
onzivu (n) ugliness
Onzivu (n) suburb south of Arua City after Sambya and Awindiri; narrow street between Arua Avenue and Transport Road
onzivuru (adj) ugly
onzo (v) belittle; [cheat, smash]
onzokonzo (n) smooth
onzomatara (n) belittling
onzoroko (n) dirt, many
onzorokoru (adj) dirty
onzota (n) belittling, minimizing; [cheating, smashing (also onzoza)]
onzu (v) off load; [run]
onzuta (n) offloading eg from a bag; [running (also onzuza)]
opa (v) nail, rob eg Francis opa kiti. = Francis nailed the seat.
opalaku (n) smooth stone used instead of a hammer
opasi (n) nape, back of your neck
opazaru (v) nailed, robbed
ope (n) guinea fowl; [(v) select, choose]
opendu (n) segregation, nepotism
operea (n) swallow (bird)
opeta (n) choice, selection (also opeza), election, voting
opezaru (adv) selected, chosen
opi (n) chief, chieftainship, king; [wings; (v) peel, unshell, swell]
opi mva (n) prince (plu. opi anzi)
opi opi (adj) swollen
opimaopima (n) cabbage (also kebeji)
opipia (n) boil
opiza (n) swelling, act of unshelling eg Dokta Birungi nze opiza agu azoru ma pa-a Arua Hospital-a. = Doctor Birungi removed a swelling in a patient's leg at Arua Hospital.
opizaru (adj) swollen, peeled
oporovu (n) pregnancy
ora (v) leak; [think]
Ora (n) River Nile tributary flowing eastwards to the Albert Nile near Madi Okollo Town as you enter Arua District
Orani (v) rock formation and village in Tara Subcounty
orata (n) leakage, thought (also oraza)
ori (n) snake; [fear, seed; (v) settle at the bottom of a liquid]
ori zoza (n) crop growing, seed planting
ori'ba (n) family (also aku)
oria (n) half-breed usually with Asian descent eg Chenene ni oria. = Chenene is of Asian descent.
Oriental Province (n) region in northeastern DR Congo immediately west of Arua District
orindi (n) spirit, soul (also urindi)
Orindi Alari (n) Holy Spirit (also Urindi Alari)
oro (n) earth, universe, the world, upper part of thigh; [tiredness, (v) feel tired]
orobi (n) dream eg MUNGU eco e'yo nze orobi si. = GOD can speak through a dream.
orodri (n) profit, gain
orodriru (adj) profitable, gainful
oromi (n) nine eg Arsene Wenger nde kopo ku eli oromi engazu 2005. = Arsene Wenger did not win a cup for nine years since 2005.
oru (adv) up, high, (prep) above, (v) prepare (esp. porridge), wake up eg Gasi oru idi! = Gasi prepared porridge!
orukua (n) type of dodo greens
Orule'ba (n) highland people, a section of Lugbara
oruleru (adv) upper
oruta (n) waking up
osa (n) mixture, syrup; [(v) fly, mix, slap] eg Anyoya ma a, 'ba kaka osa osu be. = In anyoya, maize is mixed with beans.
osasaa (n) insect
ose (adj) fat, (v) fatten; [pull]
oseta (n) fattening
oseza (adj) fatness
osi (v) give birth, produce a baby; [roast; write] eg Neria osi mva ago. = Neria gave birth to a male child.
osisia (n) secretary, scribe (also osipiri)
osita (n) birth; [roasting, writing, registration (also ositaa)]
osiza (adj) roasted
osizaru (adj) roasted; [written]
oso (n) fat; [pole with sth sharp]
osolo (n) mucus-like substance that comes from chest while coughing, sputum
osoroko (n) old clothes
osu (n) bow, gun (also bunduki, usu); [peas, beans; (v) fix, pour, dress, marvel] eg Stephen ni aci osu. = Stephen is fixing the light.
Osu (n) river through the Arua Golf Course, suburb near Osu River behind Hospital Road and Rhino Camp Road
osu nyirikia bi (leaves of tiny beans)
osofi (n) protruding middle part of upper lip
osubi (n) bean leaf (also gobe)
osuta (n) miracle, marvel (also osuza)
osutaru (adj) marvelous, miraculous (also osuzaru) eg Onduparaka FC ma rukuza osutaru. = Onduparaka FC's popularity is marvelous.
ota (v) sympathise, show pity
otaka (n) pot with wide mouth
otakua (n) small pot used for boiling sauce
otala (n) go between in marriage, best man in wedding
otaria (n) cricket (also etirili, etiringili) eg Tindu nya otaria. = Tindu ate a cricket.
ote (v) wait
oteta (n) waiting for sb
otwenge (n) dance by the Lugbara and Kebu, literally means "elbow" and involves raising those joints
oti (v) arrange in order, pluck eg fruits from tree; [hang sb, tie eg animals; swallow]
Otitia (n) bare peak of Mt. Wati
otoko (n) anthill (also otoo)
otonoko (n) kind of bird with a very long neck
otoo (n) hare, rabbit (also etoo)
otra (v) fold, roll
otralaku (n) small anthill
Otravu (n) place in Maracha farther inside reachable westwards from Okokoro
otraza (n) rolled, folded
otrazaru (adj) folded, rolled
otre (v) shout
otrenga (n) shouting (also otreta, otreza)
otri (v) curse, rub, scrub
otrikutri (adj) dirty
otrita (n) scrubbing, rubbing
otriza (adj) cursed
otro (v) smear
otrota (n) smearing (also otroza)
otrozaru (n) smeared
otru (n) gum
otruta (n) movement (also otruza)
Otsho (n) Lugbara dialect in DR Congo (very similar to Ugandan Lugbara)
otu (n) navel, umbilicus, umbilical cord, sun (also etu, itu); [(v) correct, straighten, kick]
otunyu (n) white ants crushed and left to ferment for some time to be used as condiment in sauce, yesterday's white ants (also otunyo)
otunukua (n) scorpion eg Otunukua ni aa Sahara-a. = A scorpion stays in the Sahara.
otuo (n) brother-in-law eg Jaremy ni ma otuo. = Jaremy is my brother-in-law.
otuta (n) straightening, correction, kicking, raising, plan, arrangement (also otuza)
otuzaru (adj) raised, straightened
ova (v) make a hole in the ground, excavate, uproot
ovakedo (n) avocado
overeko (n) remaining bits of food burnt in container
ovi (n) lightning, thunder, scratch
Ovisoni (n) town in Vurra, means "struck by lightning"
ovita (n) scratching (also oviza)
ovo (v) curse
ovu (n) kind of basket made from sorghum stalk; [laziness, idleness; (v) stay, keep quiet]
ovua (n) big basket for carrying seedlings
Ovujo (n) trading town in Maracha
ovuzu (v) stay, be, keep quiet
owi (n) dawn; [(v) spit, make sacrifice, peel, unshell]
owita (n) sacrifice, peeling, unshelling (also owiza)
owoko (n) anger (also awoko), direction
owokoru (adj) angry eg Max ni owokoru! = Max is angry!
owoko si (adv) angrily
owu (n) cry (also owuta); [(v) gather things]
oya (n) yaws; [salary, wages, payment, earnings; syphilis (also nzuku); (v) shake]
oyata (n) shaking (also oyaza)
oyakiya (n) earthquake, tremor
oyaliko (n) rag clothes
oye (pron) for nothing
oyi (v) slim, leave
oyita (n) slimming
oyiza (adj) thin (also oyizaru)
oyo (n) oath
oyokolo (n) whisper
oyoo (n) monkey
oyoro (n) rags
oyu (n) mole; [(v) announce] eg Elekitoro Komisoni ma amboo Engineer Badru Kiggundu oyu kalulu ma o'du. = Electoral Commission boss Engineer Badru Kiggundu announced the election date.
oyuta (n) announcement (also oyuza)
oza (v) sting, shout
ozezee (n) second hand clothes
oze (v) push down
ozi (v) sell, unshell open, hide; [(n) black and white insects that come out of anthills]
ozizaru (adv) for sale eg Nyaka ozizaru Oasis 24/7-a. = Food is for sale at Oasis 24/7.
ozizia (n) interview, questions
ozo (n, v) roast
ozoforo (n) gray hair
ozoo (n) rain eg Ozoo ni idri! = Rain is life!
ozoo opi (n) king of the rain, most important figure in Lugbara politics, chief custodian of clan property
ozoza (adj) roasted
ozozaru (adj) roasted
ozu (n) reeds, elephant grass; [(v) multiply]
ozuta (n) multiplication (also ezuta)
ozuku (n) porcupine eg Ayia nduri ozuku fi ni! = A stepmother is [like] a porcupine's intestines/ Stepmothers are usually bitter! [Lugbara Proverb]

pa (n) leg; [(v) knock eg door, crucify, nail, rob, save] eg A'di pa Kapteni Aleks-i ni? = Who saved Captain Alex?
pa ale (n) inside of the foot
pa dria (adj) standing (literally on top of leg)
pa so (v) stand for election
paago (n) big toe
paale (adv) times
paanzi (n) toes
padre (n) priest eg Joel Obetia ni padre. = Joel Obetia is a priest.
paedu (n) heel
paip (n) pipe eg Sunday ni paip su. = Sunday is fixing a pipe.
paipai (n) pawpaw (also payipayi)
pajama (n) pants
Pajama (n) village in Tara Subcounty
paka (prep) up to the end, until
pakasa (n) servant (also waka)
pala bi (n) jute leaf (totem for Ayivu Clan)
palaa (adv) at the footside of, under the mentorship of, under the guardianship or care of sb
palament (n) parliament (also koloseni) eg Palament Ugandani ri Kampala-a = The Ugandan Parliament sits in Kampala.
pali (n) pair of shorts
pamba (n) cotton
pamva (n) toe
pamvu (n) footmark, footprint, point
pandu (n) cassava leaves pounded and cooked as sauce (also banda bi)
panga (n) punishment
panya (n) shortcut
papa (adv) nailed; [(n) shoes, footwear (also jijima, nyila, viato); father (also baba), Pope] eg Papa Francis imu Uganda-a eli 2015. = Pope Francis came to Uganda in the year 2015.
paraka (n) stem eg ondu paraka = sorghum stem
parasetamo (n) paracetamol, Panadol
pari (n) mat made from papyrus, place
pari 'bani mi tizu (n) birthplace
pari mini efuzu (n) origin
pari pari (n) dullness, not active
pasi (adv) on foot, (n) flatiron
pasipoti (n) passport (also waraga acizuri)
pasta (n) pastor
pata (n) redemption, salvation (also paza)
pati (n) tree, substance for holding glass panes in window frame eg Dramani ni pati ga. = Dramani is cutting a tree.
pati efi osale (n) ingredients (also pati ifi osale)
pati ifi (n) plant seed eg Pati ifi i-deni re ku! = The seed of a tree doesn't fall very far/ A parent's behaviour can be reflected in his/ her children. [Lugbara Proverb]
patifu zopi asea (n) lillies of the field
patoro (n) rich guy
paturu (n) millipede
patuza (n) standing
Pawor (n) subcounty in Lower Madi next to Wadelai, Alur name for a place in Arua
pe (v) select, choose
pensil (n) pencil
peta (n) selection, choice
petroli (n) petrol (also odu)
pi (adj) whole, [(conj) and, (v) twist, plait; swell, expand]
pie (adv) also, as well
pilawo (n) rice cooked with small chops of meat as a recipe (also pilau) eg Tom ni pilawo nya Dereva ma Kona-a. = Tom is eating pilau at Drivers' Corner.
pilili (adj, n) naked, undressed
pilipili (n) red pepper (also piripiri)
piri (adj) straight, erect, upright, straight forward, (pron) all, everything (also piripiri)
piri ku (adj) informal
pirini (n) without
piripiri (n) red pepper (also piza)
pita (n) swelling
plani (n) plan, strategy (also otuta)
po (v) hide, knock
polisi (n) policeman eg Feliks ni polisi. = Felix is a policeman.
prezident (n) president eg Donald Trump ni Amerika ma prezident. = Donald Trump is America's president.
puru (adj) quick, fast
putuku (n) cooked leg or hoof of a cow (also mulokoni)

ra (v) flow eg liquid, (adv, n) throughout the night, affirmative at the end of a sentence
radio (n) radio (also redio)
radio eri (v) listening to radio eg Ma Voice Of Life eri. = I'm listening to Voice Of Life.
ragbi (n) rugby eg Nuu Ziland All Blacks ndeki Springboks Ragbi-a. = New Zealand All Blacks beat Springboks in rugby.
Ragem (n) suburb south of Arua City
Ragem Beach (n) canopied rivershed with meanders on River Enyau about 3 kilometres south of Arua City, half a kilometre from CEFORD Arua eg Bob nya mukati towi azini i'bi iri Ragem Beach-a. = Bob ate five loaves of bread and two fish at Ragem Beach.
Ramadan (n) Muslim month-long period for fasting (within 29 or 30 days) after and before sighting a new moon-crescent eg Yahya Au ni nyaka 'da Ramadan si. = John Au fasts during Ramadan.
rangi (n) paint
rangi gbaza (n) painting
Rasta (n) Rastafarian eg Adima ni Rasta. = Adima is a Rastafarian.
rata (n) flow, melting (also raza)
Rawule (n) Oli Banyale's uncle in Lugbara mythology who escorted him to Mt. Wati
re (adj) far away, (v) peel, peeled, rob, take away by force
rekodi (n) record
reluwe (n) train, railway
Rembe (n) one of the Greatest Prophets in Lugbara History who was taken by Whitemen to Yei [Sudan] for hanging in 1916 but Lugbara believe he never died and will return, rainmaker, emissary of divinity who claimed to perform miracles and heal illnesses. His footmarks were embedded on a bare rock between Mekki and Loinya in Yivu Subcounty, Maracha
reta (n) peeling, robbing (also reza)
Rhino Camp (n) town in eastern Arua near the Albert Nile eg Emmy mu Rhino Camp-a. = Emmy went to Rhino Camp.
ri (v) broadcast eg seeds; [sit] eg Beatrice ri pikipiki dria. = Beatrice sat on the motorcycle.
ribbon (n) ribbon eg Arua Pioneer Decorators gba ki ribbon arci rua. = Arua Pioneer Decorators put ribbons on the arch.
ribi (n) pasture
Rigbo (n) Oldest Subcounty formed in Lower Madi even before Rhino Camp
rita (n) broadcasting, sitting
ro (v) carry a heavy object, curse, miss
robi (n) hippo
robia (n) finance, income
Robu (n) place in Maracha after the forest next to Lokiragodo
roko (n) bare rock, vulture
Roleks (n) Rolex watch
rolleks (n) rollex, Ugandan delicacy of fried eggs rolled inside a chapati and might contain tomatoes, onions, carrots, cabbages or any other additional ingredients eg Ozen ni rolleks nya anyoya si. = Ozen is eating rollex with anyoya.
rota (n) carrying a heavy object, curse
ru (adj) abrupt; [(n) name eg Candiru, Inzikuru, Aciru; (v) catch, mate, respect]
ru biza (n) baptism
ru siza (n) name registration
rua (n) body (also ruati)
rua agupini (n) penis (also agele)
rua okuni (n) vagina (also omogo, angunya)
ruburubu (adj) sound of swallowing food (also nguringuri)
ruduku (n) forest (also oce, angu patiru, obibi)
rugbu (adv) abruptly, (n) noise made when something falls
rukuza (n) popularity
rumu (n) room eg Efe ni la rumu alu-a Spiff be. = Efe sleeps in the same room as Spiff.
ruta (n) mating, catching, respect (also ruza)
ruzali (n) rosary eg Mersy su ruzali ku. = Mercy does not wear a rosary.
Rwanda (n) country southwest of Uganda eg Mugema enga Rwanda-a. = Mugema comes from Rwanda.

sa (v) bury, clap, fly, plant, slap eg Semwanga ma avu 'ba sa Kayunga-a. = Semwanga's corpse was buried in Kayunga.
saa (n) clock, watch, time (also sawa) eg Saa ongo avizu Arua TV-a. = Time for playing music on Arua TV.
saa azia (n) lunch, 12 o' clock (also yi ali)
saani (n) plate
saaru (n) so much
Sabato (n) Sabbath eg Sabato si = on Sabbath Day
Sabatu (n) Sunday (also Sabiti)
sabuni (n) soap
sadaka (n) banquet
saiso (n) sisal
saket (n) sacket eg Lady Nana mvu ni iwa saket-a ri ku. = Lady Nana does not drink alcohol in a sacket.
saku (n) calabash
Sambya (n) suburb south of Arua Golf Course Roundabout 
San Siro (n) video hall in Osu Village found less than half a kilometre on the right as you slope from Hospital Road to Osu River and named after the football home of Inter and AC Milan in the Italian Serie A
sanduku (n) suitcase
sandukua sandukua (v) community (village) savings
sarasara (adj) levelled
sase (n) polythene bag (also kavera) eg Sase ci? = Is there a polythene bag?
sata (n) burial, planting, slapping, flying (also saza)
sati (n) shirt
sati ma wu (n) shirt sleeve (also sati ma wi)
sayansi (n) science
se (v) breathe, pull, smoke (also see), (adj) elastic (also sese, pakadili)
sei (n) sword, dagger eg Dastan ma sei ci Prince of Persia (filimu)-a. = Dastan has a dagger in Prince of Persia (film).
sekondi (n) second
sekua (n) three sided gobea used for eating nuts or food
sende (n) money (also mali, lonyi nyakuari) eg Bill Gates nde andraa sende si wudrikuru-a woro eli karakara. = Bill Gates was the Richest Man on the whole earth for many years.
sende simu si (n) mobile money
seneti (n) senate
senge (n) leftover or remnant after sieving cassava flour
seniya (n) tray (also saniya)
seri (n) type of plant used for fencing
seta (n) breath (also ava), pulling, smoking (also seza)
setlait (n) satellite
si (conj) on, because of; [(n) tooth, hailstone; (suffix) with, (v) knock; peel, build] eg Huang Ming si "Solar City" China-a. = Huang Ming built Solar City in China.
si otru (n) gum
sigiri (n) charcoal stove
signo (n) signal
sikati (n) skirt
Silamu (n) Muslim
sile (n) missing teeth
sileru (adj) toothless
Silimu (n) AIDS (also Azo ondrindria niri) eg Philly Bongole Lutaaya dra Silimu si. = Philly Bongole Lutaaya died of AIDS.
silingi (n) shillings, cash money eg silingi 40,000 = 40,000 Shillings
simiti (n) cement eg Edmund je simiti Hardware World Ntinda-a. = Edmund bought cement at Hardware World Ntinda.
simu (n) phone
simu gba (v) ring, call eg Kazora gba simu Yemi ni. = Kazora phoned Yemi.
simu ofelekuri (n) toll free telephone line
sindani (n) syringe, needle (also libira)
sindani bongo sozuri (n) sewing needle
singiri (n) rigidity, refusal to change
siri (n) secret eg Enok lu siri. = Enoch told a secret.
siso (n) jaw
siti (n) city eg Miguna Miguna ni mu Nairobi Siti-a. = Miguna Miguna is going to Nairobi City.
smartfon (n) smartphone eg Alice ni Samsung smartfon ayu. = Alice uses a Samsung smartphone.
so (v) gather, collect, together, prick, pierce
so'bi (n) tail
soda (n) soda eg Ajua le Mirinda soda! = Ajua loves Mirinda soda!
soka (n) bedsheet (also suka), football (also mupira)
sokisi (n) socks
sokolo (n) thin line inside cassava tuber, sth to do with sitting
sola (n) solar
solusoni (n) ORS first aid dehydration solution for running stomach made by mixing half teaspoon of salt, one cup of water and two teaspoons of sugar
soro (n) board game
sowani (n) plate, satellite dish (also bakule)
spika (n) speaker
stedium (n) stadium (also mupira pari) eg Ondia ni mu Greenlight Stedium-a. = Ondia is going to Greenlight Stadium.
stesoni (n) station eg UNHCR ma stesoni azi Bidibidi-a. = UNHCR has another station in Bidibidi.
su (n) four, (v) put in, score, hurt, pain; [wear, put on, pour eg water, to have diarrhoea] eg Maria ma asi su. = Mary's heart pained.
Sudan (n) country north of Uganda and South Sudan, zone in Mvara Cell eg Daudi azini Juliet inviki Sudan-a risi. = David and Juliet returned from Sudan.
sukari (n) sugar eg Sukari 'di enga Lobe-a. = This sugar is from Lobe.
sukari azo (n) diabetes
sukulu (n) school (also skulu) eg Asizuru la sukulu Mvara SS-a. = Asizuru studied at Mvara SS.
sukuma wiki (n) spinach eg Popeye ni sukuma wiki nya okpo isuzu. = Popeye eats spinach to get power.
Sultan Isara (n) great Vurra chief
suluwayiwayi (n) small donuts usually less than 2 centimetres in length and width
suru (n) tribe, clan, nation, country, kingdom
suru ma kala andraleru (n) downcountry
suru ma kala oruleru (n) upcountry
sururu (n) mattock, pick axe, metal tool with two pointed ends (one sharper) for digging hard soil and attached to a long handle
suta (n) pain (also suza)

ta (v) endure; [(n) sound when sth is slapped or struck]
ta mba (v) take care, keep safe
ta sipikuri (n) unfamiliar
taba (n) tobacco, cigarette eg Gamete atri taba oziza. = Government has blocked tobacco selling.
taba see (n) smoking (also taba seza)
tabunakulu (n) tabernacle
tai (n) pity, surprise, necktie
taikondo (n) taekondo eg Semujju ni taikondo avi. = Semujju plays taekondo.
tajiri (n) rich person
tala (n) lamp; [side, hurricane] eg Tala Katrina eza jo karakara New Orleans-a. = Hurricane Katrina destroyed several houses in New Orleans.
talakpa (adj) not tasty (also talapa)
tali (n) magic, marvel, miracle, seat of the ability of an individual to influence others
taliru (adj, adv) magical, marvelous, miraculous
tamborin (n) tamborine
tambula (n) tumbler, coneshaped metallic cup
tampeko (n) metallic cup (also probably made by Tumpeco Limited in Ntinda Industrial Area)
tandi (adj) true (also ada, adaada)
Tanganyika (n) suburb near Arua City and towards Arua Airport
tangawuzi (n) ginger
Tara (n) subcounty in Maracha comprising Ojapi, Ajulepi, Yidu, Oliapi (also Oliyepi), Aruwe and Rendu parishes
tasipiku (adj, adv) unbecoming
tata (adv) always, daily
taulo (n) towel, large intestine of a cow
tawn (n) town
tayataya (n) (of movement) tilted side to side
te (adv) affirmative at the end of sentence; [(conj) but (also tedi), (v) gas, break wind; wait, collect white ants (fig)] eg MUNGU ni 'ba nyakua 'diyi lele turisi ERI fe mvi ERINI tile aluri, 'dini 'ba dria alu alu eri aipiri ma ja dri ku, te ma ovu idri 'dani 'dani ri be. - Yohana 3:16 = For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. - John 3:16
tegula (n) tiles
teketeke (adv) completely
teknoloji (n) technology
tena (n) tennis eg Steffi Graf ni tena avi. = Steffi Graf is playing tennis.
Tere (n) great grandfather of Terego forced out of Bahr el Ghazal, moved to Nimule then Acholiland. Tere married an Acholi woman and got two sons: Gboro and Tifoli
Terego (n) Lugbara clan and area northeast of Arua City between Ayivu and Moyo
teri (n) load, luggage
Teso (n) tribe in eastern Uganda settled mainly in Soroti and Serere plus other areas, sb from Teso
teta (n) waiting, collecting white ants
ti (adj) in vain; [(n) cow; sound of dropping liquid; mouth (also tile), language; (v) dress smartly, thatch, sign; give birth, deliver]
ti aroni (n) cow, heifer
ti ago (n) bull
ti ape (phr v) comment
ti onzi (n) bad mouth, foul, vulgar language eg Nyanzi ayu ti onzi. = Nyanzi used vulgar language.
ti'bi (n) beard (also ti'biti'bi, tibitibi)
tibi (n) sauce
ticita (n) unity
tiicima (n) unity (also tiicita, ticita, ticima)
tiketi (n) ticket
tile (n) shutter
tilikpa (adj) tough, half boiled (meat)
tinzeta (n) speaking
tinzeza (n) spoken language
tisi (adv) orally, by mouth
tivi (n) television (also TaVa) eg Mi anyu tivi ku! = Don't switch off the television!
tiza (n) beef
to (v) fill liquid in container, accuse, report eg Alesi to ndima cupa ma-a. = Alesi poured orange juice in a bottle.
toci (n) torch eg eg Aburahamu je toci. = Abraham bought a torch.
toko (adv) zero, for nothing, for no reason
toro (n) beehive (also turu)
torozi (n) pair of trousers (also suruali, pa ali, pali)
tota (n) accusation, report (also toza)
towi (adj, n) five
tra (v) satisfy, gather
traa (n) robin (bird) (also traatraa)
tratra (n) collection (also traza), heap
trazaru (adj) satisfied
tre (adj) many, numerous, full; [(v) shout, rebuke]
tri (v) brush, rub, curse, smear
tro (adv) even though, even if, (v) become soft eg overcooked meat
trotro (adj) equal, the same eg Liverpool azini Everton de mupira trotro. = Liverpool and Everton ended the football game equal.
tru (v) forgive, remove (clothes), take off, untie, move
truta (n) forgiveness (also truza, pata) eg Oguo ai truta YESU vu musalaba sia. = The thief begged for forgiveness from JESUS on the cross.
tu (adj) much; [(v) climb, kick, dance] eg Shakira ni ongo tu. = Shakira is dancing.
tualu (adv) together eg Mukwano Industries Kampala ni azi nga Ozuu Brothers Arua be tualu. = Mukwano Industries Kampala works together with Ozuu Brothers Arua.
tujari (n) business (also biasara, tujara)
tujari ru (n) trademark (also tujara ru)
tuktuk (n) rickshaw, tuk tuk
turismo (n) tourism (also angu oneza) eg Kemiyondo ni turismo icu. = Kemiyondo promotes tourism.
turu (n) beehive (also toro) eg Maneno ede turu. = Maneno made a beehive.
turu alu (adj, n) one hundred
tusu (n) saliva
tutua (n) motorcycle (also odrua, piki piki)
tutuni (adv) mainly, mostly
tuzu drile (adv) and above - said of ages (also muzu drile) eg eli 18 tuzu drile = 18 years and above

Uu [shares some words with Oo (Sometimes Öö)]
ubalako (n) fox (also obalako, oboloko)
Ulaya (n) Europe
uri (n) fear, cowardice, snake (also ori); [louse, sweat, rust; seeds for planting, seedlings]
urindi onzi (n) evil spirit, madness, lunacy, epilepsy (also orindi onzi)
uru (prep) high, up
uruleru (prep) upward, upper
urulesi (prep) up, standing
usu (n) gun, (v) dress (also osu)

va (v) guess, understand
vala (adj) vast, wide
vata (n) guessing, understanding
vata kokoru (adj) ignorant
vazaru (adj) understood
vaa (adv) down (also vaalesi)
vaale (adv) downward
vaaleru (adv, adj) downward
ve (v) burn
vele (prep) behind (also vile)
vi (n) tsetse fly, pus, scratch
viato (n) shoes (also wara, nyila, katara)
vicoru (adj) liked, lovable, enjoyable
vidio (n) video
vile (adv) backwards eg Ama mu drile, acani go vile ku. = We are moving ahead, we won't go backwards.
vini (conj) also
vino (n) wine, ink
vo (v) slash
vorovoro (adj) soft
vu (n) ground; [(prep) near, with him/ her/ it; (v) blow] eg Abiriambati ni Go Down Geri vu. = Abiriambati is near Go Down Road.
vudu (n) voodoo, vodou, witchcraft (also enata)
vule (adv) behind, backwards (also vile), follower (younger sibling)
Vurra (n) Lugbara clan, town and area south west of Arua City, URA Customs border post eg Kevin mu Vurra-a. = Kevin has gone to Vurra.
vuti (n) buttocks, behind
vuti bi (v) follow
vutia (adv) behind
vutini (adj) the next, the one that follows
vutinia (adv) afterwards, later, after him or her
vutisi (adj) the next, the one that follows

'W'w & Ww
'wara (adj) big
'wi (v) dry
'wiza (adj) dry
wa (v) ripen
wa'di (n) relative, wife
wa'diko (adj) without relative
waa (v) prove
waka (n) servant, employee
wakoko (adj) weak, easy
wala (adj) wide, large, broad
walaka (n) basket plate for eating 
walala (adj) brown, light, lightskinned (also walalaru)
walaru (adj) wide, large, broad
Wandi (n) place in Terego reachable eastwards from Ombaci via Rhino Camp Road
wangi (n) season (also mange)
wara (n) shoes
waraga (n) certificate, newspaper, letter eg Mbabazi si waraga leta ni ima ago vu. = Mbabazi wrote a love letter to her boyfriend.
waraji (n) waragi, Ugandan liquor
wari (adj) round, circle eg Etu ni wari. = The sun is round.
wariru (adj) round, circular
wasi wasi (n) worry, care, alarm, concern, skepticism
Wati (n) highest point in West Nile, 1250 metres above sea level in Erea Parish, Aii-vu Subcounty, Terego (also Mt. Wati, Mt. Eti, Iti)
waya (n) wire
we (v) dust, clean off dust, sweep eg Emi we emi yofe si! = Sweep yourselves with a broom/ Come in large numbers! [Lugbara Idiom]
webusaiti (n) website eg Ezuma zi i-ma webusaiti. = Ezuma opened his webusaiti.
wetreko (n) mud (also orutreku)
wetrekoru (adj) muddy
weza (n) sweeping
wi (n) arm; [(v) peel off, skin; spit, yield (said of tubers eg Ayu wi saaru! = Yams yielded much!)]
wiki (n) week
wiri wiri (n) sling, whirlpool
wizi (n) thread eg Chi-Chi Gweno ni wizi ozi Ovujo-a. = Chi-Chi Gweno sells threads in Ovujo.
woko (n) direction, part, side (also kalati)
woro (pron) all (also woro woro)
woroworo (n) sound made while walking on dry grass, leaves, etc
woroto (n) dung or animal waste product
wu (n) arm (also wi); [(v) cry, remove]
wudrikuru (n) world, universe
wura (n) colour, art eg 'Di Lugbara wura! = This is Lugbara art!

'Y'y & Yy
'ya (v) dig eg Sina ni amvu 'ya. = Sina is digging the garden.
'ye (n) arrow; [(v) do] eg Magufuli ni ta a'du 'ye? = What would Magufuli do?
'yeke (adj) okay, all right, correct
'yeta (n) deed, action
'yetasi (adv) by deed, by action
'yezaru (adv) done
'yo (v) say, speak, talk, utter eg Olive 'yo ica muke. = Olive said she reached safely.
'yota (n) saying, speaking, talking, utterance
ya (v) sieve, sort, shake eg Oyakiya ya angu. = An earthquake shook the place.
yaa (v) tremble
yabi (n) spear grass (also yebi)
yakani (n) fetish
yakpakpa (n) panic, hurrying, rushing
yamari (n) banquet, feast (of wedding)
yata (n) shaking, sorting, separate, sieving (flour), trembling
yazaru (adv, n) separated, sorted, shaken
yebi (n) spear grass
yekeye (n) red safari ant (totem for Koboko Clan)
yekoko (pron) many, numerous, plenty (also yekokoru)
yere (n) bush buck
yereyere (adj) rough, scattered
Jerusalemu (n) Jerusalem
KING of Kings and LORD of Lords
YESU KRISTO (n) JESUS Christ (also YEZU) eg YESU ni Opi! = JESUS is King!
yi (n) water (also iyi); [(pron) they; (v) pour] eg Ma yi mvu. = I'm drinking water.
yi ali (n) lunch, lunchtime (also nyaka itu-a) eg Etu ni yi ali o'bi ri-a! = The sun is measuring the water depth (when it is directly overheard around lunchtime)!
yi ti (n) goal post
yi weza (n) swimming (also yisaza)
yia (n) referring to Buganda or KLA City, (prep) in water, to the well or river
yiara (n) river, running water (also miri)
yikii (n) pity, mercy
yilemvu (n) water pot
yiru (adj) watery
Yivu (n) subcounty in Maracha
yiyia (n) mosquito eg Yiyia ci ma. = A mosquito bit me.
yo (adv) not, (interj) no, (pron) nothing
yofe (n) broom
yu (v) warm oneself with fire or sunheat
yuku (n) kite eg Yuku ni nga. = A kite is flying.
yumula (n) week, Sunday (also yumala, wiki, sabiti, sabatu, yinga)
yuthu (n) youth (also 'ba ode)
yuu (adj) lukewarm, warm

Zz [is pronounced j after n]
za (n) meat (also eza, iza)
za kalanya (n) beef
Zaki (n) Lugbara dialect in DR Congo
Zambia (n) cell, village or zone in Mvara after Barifa Forest and before Kenya Zone, country down south separated from Uganda by Tanzania eg Mvara Primary School ni Zambia Zone-a. = Mvara Primary School is in Zambia Zone.
zamva (n) girl
zapi (n) niece (daughter) eg Judith Babirye Ayikoru ni eri ma zapi. = Judith Babirye Ayikoru is his niece.
ze (v) defecate, push; [faeces, shit, dung]
zele (n) anus (also aise geri)
Zeroks (v) Xerox
zi (n) daughter (also zii); [(v) hide, open; ask, greet] eg Suzy ni Nyagua ma zi. = Suzy is Nyagua's daughter.
ziri (adv) far
zita (n) question, greeting (also ziza)
zizaru (adv) hidden, questionable, open
zo (v) cross (a river), grow, milk
zomaazi (n) peer, colleague eg Debele ni e'yo nze ima zomaazi be. = Debele is talking to his colleague.
Zombo (n) Alur town and district south of Arua before Nebbi
zori (suffix) number after the first eg Sukulu nazori Muni Girls. = The third school is Muni Girls.
zota (n) growth, development, prosperity, length, milking (also zotaa, zoza)
zozo (adv) distant, far, long
zu (adv) whole day, morning to evening; [(phr v, suffix) for eg ayiko zu = enjoy (for happiness)]
zukulu (n) gourd, calabash (also erece) eg Mama Fina ni zukulu bi. = Mama Fina is holding a gourd.
zuru (adj) full to the brim
zuzu (adv) everyday, daily

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Colours in Lugbara
eka = red
orenj = orange
yelo = yellow
grin = green
blu = blue/ cyan/ aqua/ sky blue
pink = pink/ magenta
papo = purple
ini (inikini) = black (darkish)
inibiricici (inicici) = very dark
imve = white
imve silili, whilili = very white, pure white
enisi-emvesi, korikori = black and white
horohoro, perepere, walalaru = light
foro(foro), foroto = gray, grayish
okaza, okazaru, okalamgba, wara wara (walala), okata, oka = brown (brown skinned), becoming brownish, become brownish with dirt

The verb "to be"
I am = Ma
He/ She/ It is = Eri
We are = Ama
They are = Eyi/ Yi
(Past tense for I and we is expressed by starting a sentence with a- before the verb [though pronounced differently] or ending for all with (ta and) ra = (then and) affirmative eg Amu (ta) ra! = I/ We went then! or 'bo = already eg Amu 'bo! = I/ We have gone already! Present tense for sb or sth is shown by following the subject with ni = is eg Uganda ni onyiru! = Uganda is good! Future tense is shown by nga = will eg Eri nga gu. = S/he will laugh.)

Pronunciation Guide [Lugbara Phonology]
The Lugbara alphabet has 28 letters minus ‘q’ and ‘x’ [Alamakanda in Aringa Dialect], which means 24 like in English and four unique ones namely: ‘b like in ‘bua, ‘d like in ‘dia, ‘w like in ‘wara and ‘y like in ‘yeta. Letters are pronounced as follows: Ah, Ba, Cha, Da, Eh, Fa, Ga, Ha, Ie, Ja, Ka, La, Ma, Na, Oh, Pa, Ra, Sa, Ta, Uw, Va, Wa, Ya, and Za. Lugbara phrases are spoken in several dialects (clan-wise) but the Muni Suburb (Ayivu) version, from which many of the explanations below are based, is the one approved for teaching in schools. It is also the main one used on UBC Radio, Voice Of Life, Arua One, Koboko FM, Nile FM, Radio Pacis plus BTN Television. The language has diphthong clusters and other noteworthy phonetics including the following:
a as in bat, for example onzuta-a
c as in church, for example Candiru (though can also be spelt Chandiru)
dj as in jilt, for example odji, the ‘d’ is silent
ee as in emblem, for example Andree
gb as in bend, for example gbe, the ‘g’ is silent. Gb in Lugbara is pronounced as Lubara. What stands out in Sudanic languages is the special manner in which 'b, c, 'd, dj, gb, kp, nz, 'w, 'y are pronounced.
i as in inn, for example di-i (also sometimes written as di'i) 
mv as in converse, for example omve
oa as in soar, for example ADROA
oo as in hold, for example ocoo, rarely oo as in food, for example ‘doo
u as in food, for example o'du
uu as in chew, for example cuu
z as in jean after n, for example onzi. Otherwise, most times remains z as in zebra, for example ozu and when the first letter of a word.

0. toko/ obo
1. alu
2. iri/ eri
3. na
4. su
5. towi/ tawu
6. azia
7. aziri
8. aro
9. oromi
10. mudri (also modri)
11. mudri ni alu
12. mudri ni iri

20. kali iri
21. kali iri drini alu
22. kali iri drini iri

30. kali na
40. kali su
50. kali towi

100. turu alu
101. turu alu drini alu
102. turu alu drini iri

110. turu alu mudri
111. turu alu mudri drini alu
112. turu alu mudri drini iri

120. turu alu kali iri
121. turu alu kali iri drini alu
122. turu alu kali iri drini iri

200. turu iri
300. turu na
400. turu su

1,000. alifu alu
2,000. alifu iri
3,000. alifu na

1,000,000. milioni alu

Lugbara Relationships (The Clan)
Grandfather (a'bi)
Grandmother (dede, e'di, dii, dapi)
Grandmother's clan (a'bipi[ka])
Grandson, brother's son (mvia)
Granddaughter, brother's daughter (zia)
Parent[s] (ti pi[ka], 'ba matiba)
Father (ati, ata, atapi, baba, dadi, papa)
Mother (andri, andre, ayia, mama, mami)
Step-mother (andria, ayia ogu, andrapuru)
Husband (agupi, ago, culu)
Wife (oku)
Co-wife (oku pi, ai azi - because they can lend salt to each other)
Groom (izio, mugole)
Bride (amuroo, arusu, mugole)
Fiance ('ba lepi mi jepiri)
Fiancee ('ba mini le jeri)
Boyfriend (agiago)
Girlfriend (ezo)
Friend (agi, agyi, agoyi, alipi)
Family (ori'ba, aku)
Child (mva)
Children (anzi)
Son (agupiamva, mvi)
Daughter (zamva, zi)
Illegitimate child (ali mva)
Brother[s] (adri, adripi[ka])
Sister[s] (amvi, amvipi[ka])
Siblings (ti pika anzi azi)
Brotherliness (adrizi, arizi)
Uncle[s] (paternal - atapiru[ka], atapuru[ka], atipiru, ata ogu, adropi; maternal - adro, adroyi[ka])
Aunt[s] (paternal - awupi/ owupi, a'wi, a'wizi, waco; maternal - andrapi[ka], andrapuru, andripiru[ka])
Maternal uncle's wife (o'dii, o'da)
Cousin (atapurumva)
Cousin brother[s] (adrii, [atapuruka anzi])
Cousin sister[s] (amvii, [atapuruka ezopi/ ezoanzi])
Nephew[s], sister's son (adro mva [adro anzi])
Niece[s], sister's daughter (adro mva, ezapi, za, zapi [adro ezoanzi])
Father-in-law (anya)
Mother-in-law (idrii, edra, idra)
Brother-in-law (otuo, otii), to wife (onyizi)
Sister-in-law (onyere)
Relatives ('ba pi)
Kin and kith (ori'ba azini agi or agyi)
Neighbour (jo ejele, jirani)

Days of the Week
A day is called o'du in Lugbara; 1 week is wiki alu, yumala alu, yumula alu, sabatu alu, sabiti alu or yinga [Lingala for week] alu
1. Sunday (Sabatu, Sabiti)
2. Monday (O'du alu)
3. Tuesday (O'du iri)
4. Wednesday (O'du na)
5. Thursday (O'du su)
6. Friday (O'du towi)
7. Saturday (O'du azia, Sabato [Jewish/ Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath])

The simplest way to refer to months or moons (mba in Lugbara) is to use numbers, for example January is Mba alu, February is Mba iri, May is Mba towi and so on. But below is the other latinized (and seasonal) way of mentioning them.
1. Januari (Oco 'dupa sere)
2. Feburili (Kulini)
3. Marici (Zengulu)
4. Aprili (Ayi – Wet season)
5. Mayi (Mayi)
6. Juni (Emveki)
7. Julayi (Irri)
8. Agoslo (Iripaku)
9. Sebitemba (Lokopere)
10. Okitoba (Abibi)
11. Novemba (Waa)
12. Desemba (Anyu fi kuma)

Marks for Simple Tones:
´ High tone (h.t.) e.g. ti /tí/ (cow)
- Mid tone (m.t) e.g. ti /tī/ (strangle)
` Low tone (l.t.) e.g. ti /tì/ (give birth)
Mid tone is the most common tone in Lugbarati!
Word Classes include:
1. Ru (Noun)
2. 'Yeta (Verb)
3. Wura (Adjective)
4. Obi (Adverb)
5. Usuta (Interjection)
6. Vutivutia (Postposition)
7. Ecipiri (Conjunction)
8. Ruparia (Pronoun)

Lugbara Phrasebook
How are you? = Ngoni?
OK (I'm fine)! = Muke (Ma muke)!
How is home? = Aku ngoni?
Home is good! = Aku onyiru!
What is your name? = Mi ru adi-i?
My name is Leila! = Ma ru Leila!
I'm a businesswoman. = Ma biasara azi nga.
I'm 40 years old! = Ma eli 40!
I'm Deno. = Ma Deno-i.
I'm a doctor at my clinic. = Ma daktari ni ma klinik-a.
I stay in Oluko. = Ma aa Oluko-a.
I'm Muslim! = Ma Silamu ni!
I'm a Christian! = Ma Kristiani ni!
I originate from Bunyoro. = Ma efu Bunyoro-a.
What do you sell? = Mi a'du ozi?
I sell food and pots. = Ma nyaka ozi azini imvu.
What time is it? = Saa si?
Exactly 4 O'clock! = Saa mudri (10) 'dere! [Time is told as the reverse number from the hour hand, so 1 O'clock is saa aziri (7); 2 O'clock is saa aro (8) and so forth]
4 O'clock! = Etu 10 [that is 4 during the day, before the sun sets]
Give me one! = Ife mani alu!
This one is beautiful! = 'Di ndri ra!
How much is it? = Aje ni si?
2,000 UgX! = Silingi alifu iri!
The price has reduced! = Aje 'ba isi ra!
Give me a good one! = Ife mani ala ni!
Where are you going? = Mi mu ngoa?
I'm going to Ediofe. = Ma mu Ediofe-a.
What do you like about Arua? = Afa mini apizu Arua si aduni?
Peace and friends! = Asianzu azini agi ki!
I want to go to Congo. = A le mu Congo-a.
I love my job! = A le ma azi ra!
GOD be with you! = MUNGU ma aa mi be!
I will see you again! = Ma nga mi ne dika!
Peace be still! = Ido mi ciri!

DREAMCAST: After Lugbara Translation Assignments from a number of People including foreign Missionaries plus non-Lugbara Ugandans like an Itesot named Sarah Ojirot (UDEWO) in 2011 when I bought my first Paperback Lugbara Dictionary, I asked a Google Executive from Germany who came to UG the following Year if Lugbara could be added to the advanced Google Translate Machine. He replied that he would forward my Concern to the relevant Office. I also posted a Request at Wikimedia for a Lugbara Wiktionary but there weren't enough Volunteer Editors as is the Requirement for the Project to hatch; a Lugbarapedia would be the eventual outcome. [West Nile Portal] announced that they were working on a Project of over 500 Lugbara Words but I could not find the draft PDF. Nevertheless, Tualu once posted a humongous and thorough List of Lugbara Baby Names, I commend them for that. Then a South Sudanese Acholi who is a huge Fan of my half Muganda, half Lugbara Tribesmate Jackie Chandiru plus other Artistes asked me to teach her Luganda so that she can understand the Lyrics in Ugandan Music; she speaks fluent Arabic but dislikes the upper Arabian Sudanese who tormented her People before Independence. On Saturday 26th November 2016 while checking out a Luganda Dictionary at, an Idea suggested itself to me that I should just create my own comprehensive One Page electronic Lugbara Dictionary and I snapped by researching in Lugbara-related internet Articles, Bibles, Brochures, Newspapers, Magazines, Recordings, my 2009 Edition Lugbara to English Dictionary, exclusively English Dictionaries plus asked various People including my Parents and Facebook Friends: What took me so long? Unlike Paperback, one Page is just enough to search for Lugbara Words instantly; Examples are my own Imagination. Mind your Language! I was not born in West Nile but since Y2K, my Goal has been to promote Lugbara Culture and West Nile Tourism. I learnt the Vocabulary in my Mother Tongue by listening to People especially Family speak plus Music but started reading its Literature seriously late having missed it as a Pupil in Busoga and Buganda; I was playing Catch-up in black and white. This Dictionary is dedicated to so many People but first and foremost to the linguistic Cynthia Letasi who made me believe in the 2000s that Lugbara is a very beautiful Language that can be grasped at any Age. Are you on the Move? Discover the Vocabulary in your Neighbourhood about Accomodation, Education, Entertainment, Food, Events, Health Facilities, etc from Mvara to Vurra, Andruvu to Arivu and beyond [Suburb2suburb]! According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), "Languages Matter [Translated to Lugbara: Ti yi ma e'yo okporu]"! I have always had this Feeling that Lugbara was one of the Languages with which GOD confused Humans at the Tower of Babel [Genesis 11:1-9] unless it was invented later, only GOD knows! The ISO 639-3 Language Code for Lugbara is lgg while the Glottocode is lugb1240. E ka te ise osiza ma nga mi ti-a, mi te saa izu! [Translated from Lugbara: If you wait for fried Grasshoppers to fly into your Mouth, then you wait a long Time!] Exactly 11 Days before I created my electronic Lugbara Dictionary, Google Translate switched to Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) translating whole Sentences at a Time rather than Piece by Piece which GT used to do through Statistical Machine Translation since 28th April 2006. GNMT improves the Quality of Translation because it uses an Example-based Machine Translation (EBMT) in which the System learns from Millions of Examples; that is Artificial Learning, Machines will eventually evolve Chappie-Style or I, Robot just like human Babies develop linguistically. Join the Translate Community; the Google Crowdsource App was released in August 2016 for all Android Users... The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy dog! Keep reading...